Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Urban Scape

I have gone running now seven days out of six. It has been brilliant.

Rubik's cube.... the old fidget spinner, but better, according to Ghin
Not having alcohol since i left the shores of the British Isles i feel absolutely FANTASTIC. It kind of makes me wonder why in the world i drink. I was thinking to myself yesterday, when i get back i am really going to try to run everyday. I think that as one gets older, you really have to start paying attention to yourself more. It is sort of like having a vintage car, rather than a new car. You have to be gentler and spend more time on the bodywork, and the under the hood bit. So eating in moderation because you are most certainly metabolising less, exercising more frequently but more gently, making sure that you sleep more, being better to yourself, not beating yourself up - and so not drinking really helps there.

Ma, behind the wheel, in the kamikaze Singaporean traffic

We brought the weather with us

Bhuddist centre - they are everywhere

Waiting to order our Thai food 

Writing down the order

Teh peng, lime jelly and mango with sour fruit powder

Mango with sticky rice

Petai and udang

The weird and wonderful things in Golden Mile shopping centre

I would never eat any of these in a million years

All Thai street food snakcs

Beautiful mangosteens

Such colour

Night swims

Heavy heavy rain

I don't mean to go on and on about the running, but it has been such a long time since i have run everyday, had the energy to do so, that i have really felt the benefits of doing this. I was working on some school work yesterday and i have decided to bring forward the work which i have been doing so that i will do class prep over the next two weeks rather than the weeks after.

It has been so great meeting up with people as well. And Oisin too is meeting up with new people. It has been moments of pride as well as poignancy to see him grow up and do his own thing too. It would seem that there is indeed a point of time when you become, practically, surplus to requirements to your child's life. I know he still needs me for money and of course to still be there, but he seems to have grown up so much over the past two years.

So many changes have taken place over the past two years.

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