Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Last night i had a dream.I dreamt i was being kissed. Now this is not unusual in itself. I dream that I am being kissed every now and then. But when i got up i remembered this kiss. It was a deep down kiss. The kind of kiss which when you kiss the person you just get completely lost inside the kiss and the kiss itself, no matter how long or short it is, it makes you lose your way in time. You are united with the universe. You are standing on a mountain top, or you are on a beach, or you are somewhere, just gone...... Oh yes, one of those kisses. And as i brushed my teeth and grinned to myself and thought, it is wonderful to have kisses like that. Kisses which just make you know that this is EXACTLY what you came into this world for. Angels watch on mournfully because they will never know the beauty of such a kiss and by god, they lean in closer and place their hands on where they hearts may have been and the inhale the fragrance of such a kiss. A kiss that says, i promise, i promise for now and forever and just by creating a kiss like that, you have left an imprint on the fabric of time. That kiss which is forever.

And oh my god, i have created it. Created it and lived it. I said to someone once, it is being kissed by an angel, but really it is better than being kissed by an angel it is being kissed by a human being. A human being who is able to do that for you just as you are able to do that for them. And these kisses never last, they never survive in this corporeal world. They can't it is impossible. They are like blossoms. They come, they grace the world with their beauty for just a moment, and then, they are gone, disappeared but planted always, always in the memory of the universe. And to imagine that all over the world, right now, the very same kiss is being repeated among millions of people. Millions of people who unite. At airports, at parties, in the privacy of homes, at cafes and on boats. In the silence of a forest, or somewhere on a bridge. A promise made that this moment, yes it is forever. The moment, of course.

And i am not bitter that these moments, they do not last forever. Because they do. Somewhere they are immortal. The land of the kisses of flowers. Each kiss picked by an angel and then placed in that garden of radiance and luminescence. Imagine walking in that garden, what a garden that would be.

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