Sunday, 19 March 2017

Good busy

It is definitely two whole days of complete rest to get me sane again. I had my two days on Friday and Saturday - i tell you each of these complete rest days feels like forever. I am housebound and i am mostly doing nothing. I rise on the third day and i am utterly restored. So today, i ran, cleaned the house, did laundry, tidied the study, cleaned my bedroom, hoovered everywhere, cooked two meals, did shopping for tomorrow and the list goes on and on and on about how i am now a member of the fully functioning part of humanity.

I have decided that i am getting up everyday at 5 am to go running. I just must. If i don't do this the day slips by and before i know it it is gone. I have promised myself that this year is the year i become completely fit once again. I get fit, and that i write on a regular basis. So this year is really going to just be me about myself. It was quite strange sitting in Estd just thinking about things which i would like to write about. I saw so many people come and go. I thought of how much Belfast had changed. I have always been part of the Cathedral quarter. Ghin and I would hang out at Nick's Warehouse waiting for Oisin to finish circus school. I loved just walking about it, feeling the dereliction and feeling completely safe at the same time. It has become quite gentrified now. It used to be just the Circus and Nick's and the John Hewitt and the Duke. Now it is all respectable. People come here cos it is trendy and hip. I wonder where the current Cathedral quarter is now? I think it must be near the Sunflower Bar.

Today i was chatting to Peter about returning to the past. He said, that it could get bad, with Brexit. Tensions could start running high again with people not wanting a united Ireland. I said, surely after almost twenty years of peace no one is interested in returning to all of that again? I don't think young people have the same appetite for that sort of carry on. I was told i was being very foolish indeed. But as i looked around the hipsters and the wannabe hipsters, i just wondered how would an armed conflict fare? The circumstances are completely different. Communities are more mixed than ever. Sure, there are pockets which are quite entrenched with their own prejudices on both sides, but by and large i'd imagine that say, 85% of the population are just not up for it at all.

I can't imagine the British state being up for it either. Theresa May sending in troops to Belfast and Derry again. It is unthinkable really. There is suspicion and the wounds have never fully healed, but the animosity between the two warring sides are nowhere near say, something like the race wars in the US which are really bad.

The weather today was lovely. Sunshine after some rain at first. There could be rain tomorrow when i get up to run, but that is part of the story in this part of the world. I keep kicking myself as i start from ground zero over and over and over again. It is soooo annoying. I am determined this will not happen again.

Right, time to get ready for Ghin to go to bed. Going to read this lecture on plants by Steiner in bed. I love being good busy.

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