Friday, 6 January 2017

The poor poor dears

For someone who whinges a lot in my blog posts, i am aware that i am the LAST person to tell people to get over themselves. But this incessant whining about Donald Trump really has to stop. The people who lost are so shocked about this. They are horrified that they did not get their way. There are a vast difference between Brexit and the American Presidential elections. The difference is that the people of the UK did not realise for the most part that they were going to lose to the Remain campaign. If they had, they would have come out to vote properly. Also the Remainers fought a better campaign. You have to hand it to them - untruths and lies were used, but still, it was a far better campaign and finally, the circumstances which won them Brexit were undeniable. That is the one thing it does share with the American Presidential election - that the ignored, the 'deplorables', were taking back their power. And who can blame them eh? That's what i say.

But the US was forwarned about this the mighty weight of the everything was brought to bear on Trump's campaign. Except for one thing - it was BLATANTLY not about an election which put the people's interest at heart - which is what they should have done. Once again, they ran with the establishment candidate. The woman who would climb over the body of her dead mother to be President. And ridiculed Trump. They were GLAD he was the Republican candidate. They jeered at him. And they LOST. They lost.

They thought they had played all their cards right, and they lost. And for the first time in their lives, they have had to deal with defeat. No longer will people listen to what they say, believe their nonsense (just because Trumps talks nonsense, it doesn't mean that the American media and Clinton doesn't talk nonsense too - both are EQUALLY disconnected from reality), they will make up their own minds - very much thank you.

And so you fucking lost. What are you going to do about it? Yes, do what the spoilt entitled child does all the time - whinge. Whinge about it and blame everyone else. The Russians, the deplorables, Trump, the stupid American public, the millenials, on and on and on. Blame EVERYONE except yourselves. Talk about poor losers. In many ways this is a really good lesson for me. I thought only children were childish. Oh no, it turns out that the Master Class in assholism is to be found licking their wounds and sobbing every day and night now on TV. Especially that bastion of liberal through, Channel Four which somehow has become the cheerleader for the inability to do proper self-examination. Last night i watched as grown men and women who would have laughed at conspiracy theorists a month ago became conspiracy theorists themselves. We have evidence that Russia has attempted to influence the American elections.

OK, SAY Russia did do this, say it tried to do this, would it have succeeded if people were not disgruntled (an understatement) by years and years and years of neglect and war? If you had looked after your industries, if you had provided real leadership and modernised, would Russia have been able to hijack your elections. Would Russia be able to hijack the elections in Norway, for instance? Or Finland? I really don't think so.

This is GUILT and DENIAL - that is what it is. Instead of solving the problem, you point fingers at shadows.

To fair to them, the problem can't be solved by them. They can't solve it because they are overinvested in the current set up. It would mean too much of change, too much for them and their friends to lose. Which is why they set up this mad system to begin with. And they grovelled to Trump and the corporations. But they DON'T NEED YOU NOW! You are surplus to requirements. They can do it for themselves. Why? Because firstly, you stopped being the government and became the agents for business. Why would they need the middlemen if they do it for themselves? And the media? Well, they don't need you either now do they? Nope. They now they social media. They can organise their own vitual rallies. They don't need you to turn up and position their message any longer. No, you are surplus to requirements too. You forsook your role as the Fourth Estate and also became agents of capitalism. Well done. You have done yourselves out of a job. You became their apparatchiks out of sheer careerism and now you no longer have a role. Now your role will be to bend over just serve the very people whom you have made use of - and now the tables are turned.

Is any of this a surprise to anyone who has been paying the least bit of attention to the state of the world for the last 30 years? No. Ask Chomsky. Klein. Ask Vidal. Ask any of these people. No. All Americans too. Ask the peace activists, the environmental activists. Ask ALL OF THEM. No. Nope. No. They all WARNED you over and over again, but what did you do? You just marginalised them. Oh they are raving lefties. Here, let us have another blini. Attend another cocktail party. Let us go for another holiday in another luxury resort. Let us.

Well done all of you. Now you have been cut lose and you don't like it.

It must be hard though. I, for instance, have never played the fecking game. Never. I have not one bone of self preservation in my body. If it wasn't for my parents or my children, I would be dead by now. This is because i do not have that ability to scrape and bow and simper. I don't. I was given that role. I was there. Here you go. You are smart. You are ONE OF US. You aren't ONE OF THEM. Now if you play your cards right you can be here, not there. What about it? From the age of 15 i was rejecting this. I was questioning it. I was going, yes, but this does not make any sense, none whatsoever. So i never played the game. I took all the cards and threw it back in their faces. OK, i could have not played the game with more grace, that is probably the one thing i would do differently, but i just folded and walked away. And they then gave me the best punishment any authority could give you. They just ignored you. That's ok, ignore me. That's fine. To be fair, I am in good company. They also ignored all those other activists. For godssake, theu ignored Bernie Sanders!!! And Jeremy Corbyn.

But interestingly they also ignored all the other people who were interested in playing the game. The people who were just struggling to get by. They were also ignored. So it wasn't personal like.

So the game players, the clever, the gifted, the beautiful - yes those who were let into the club - either because they earned it or were born into it - the ones who wanted to stay and were allowed to enter - well they played that game. I don't think they even realised they were playing the game. They just thought, hey, we are entitled to this because you know what - i worked hard, i DESERVE this. I am soooo smart. I went to this university and i got that degree. And i know such and such a person. And I made this very clever decision which made lots and lots of money and i hid things under carpets, but sure everyone is hiding everything under carpets and we are all hiding things under carpets together and we will back each other up and tell each other the lies which we all want to hear until, suddenly, the game changed, and they didn't even notice. They were all so busy looking at each other that they did not notice that painters and decorators had come in and moved the entire location to somewhere completely different and they were left with one crusty canape and the dregs of yesterday's prosecco.

So the question now, is what are they going to do about it? They can't join Trump for the time being because they were so scathing about him. They have their pride to think about. But little by little, unless he is overthrown by the people who put him there - which is what they are doing with the whole Russian thing (dragging the Reds Under the Beds tripe again) - they will slowly start falling in line because careerism is their natural default mode. Perhaps some of them will really wake up and realise they have lived a lie all their lives. I think this is quite hard to do if you are so invested in a system. Really, it is nigh impossible. So they will either be REPLACED the way Trump is replacing people, or they will slowly be grovelling to him very very soon. If they don't manage to shift him, they will join him. Bit by bit. And the two will become one.

I don't know what that means for everyone else. It is a new world to me too. Perhaps the proles will rise, like Winston hoped in 1984. They did not though. They just went on with their bread and circuses. I don't know what I am going to do. Just keep on fighting perhaps. The thing is that maybe they will stop ignoring us. Instead of letting us get on with things, they will start rounding up mouthy outspoken people. That could happen. I never thought it would happen here though. But it has come to this.

This year is going to be one to watch. Resistance is not just fertile, it is also, now more than ever necessary.

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