Saturday, 1 October 2016

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Wolf, watercolour and pastel
A REALLY beautiful October morning. Followed by a stunning October afternoon. Oisin and Ghin are out and i did SOME housework. I will later on go for a run and then continue with the housework. Tomorrow i head back to school to do prep and then more housework. I think maybe i need to go out for a film or something. I did a very naughty thing this afternoon. At Home Bargins i got something for Christmas for someone. Actually, it wasn't for Christmas, it was more for just fun.

But i thought it would be nice if it arrived for Christmas.

So i think i will send it in a few weeks time, like end October, rather than Christmas itself. Cos it is just that kind of present which you send, when you are thinking of someone.

I feel much much better. I think i have thought long and hard enough to be convinced of the narrowness of the materialist interpretation of life, otherwise known as the 'scientific' explanation of why we are here.

I find it reductionist, devoid of any warmth in humanity and very limiting. It ignores some really big questions and is actually dangerous. In fact it is the reason why the Earth is in the state which it is in.

The most dangerous part of its ideology is that we are here to pass on our genes. Our sole purpose on Earth is to 'Go Forth and Multiply', which if you think about it is Bibical. When Christ came along he said, the most important thing is that you love each other. However, in order to justify the prevailing power structure and to continue to exploit the Earth's resources, science has fallen back on Old Testament ideology and this has resulted in the catastrophe, in which the effects of the Anthropocene have be overwhelmingly negative.

The main reason for this is the refusal to acknowledge anything other than so called scientific evidence i.e. materialist proof. If you cannot measure it, it cannot exist. This has given rise to all sorts of crazy contortions in thinking. Such as eugenics.

OK, if you are a materialist scientist, and even if you are not, to be honest, you MUST acknowledge that the chances of having healthy children are MUCH higher if you have parents who are healthy in the first place and then if you look after the child well. So, if two healthy people have a child and they are reasonably well off, the chances of the child doing well are pretty high. This is clearly obvious. HOWEVER, if this is where you stop in terms of your thinking about life, then, the wish to ensure that healthy people have children together rather than be paired off with non healthy people - well that is just LOGICAL. Unhealthy people should not have children. And then you extend this to people who have a certain ethnicity should not have children, people with disabilities should not be helped, people who are poor should be allowed to fall by the wayside as natural wastage, etc, etc.

Clearly this is a load of bollocks, BUT if all you care about is the survival of the species, then this is the most logical conclusion you must come to.

Many people who are regarded as great statesmen have said this - Lee Kuan Yew, for instance. Since this theory was put forward - this form of social Darwinism was put forward - the entire world has been reeling from the devastation which has been caused. In many ways they are no better than the wars which were fought because of religion. This way of looking at human life is an ideology, it is a cultural construct. It has absolutely no truth in it and it is to completely misunderstand the impulse to 'Go forth and multiply'.

So if you look at population growth since 8000 BC, it has remained absolutely constant since 19th, when it takes this crazy increase, fueled by this idea of social Darwinism. People became obsessed in the quantity, rather than the quality, and then suddenly, human lives were more important than anything else on the Planet. And this is also the paradox of the materialists. They keep saying that human beings are the same as animals, and yet when it comes to treating animals and other living organisms with the same respect you would accord to human beings, it does not exist. They carry out experiments on animals which no sane indigenous person would. They developed factory farming, which is just the most awful thing you can inflict on another living being. They have dug into the Earth, they have polluted the waters and the air, all in the name of progress. And yet, all the time they keep saying that human beings are no better than any other living thing. Well if we are no better than any other living thing, then why has every other living being been treated as if it is in the gift of human beings to misuse and mistreat them completely?

We are living in a topsy turvy world, and the worst thing is that we know it is all wrong, but for some reason when someone speaks against it, they are called anti-science. They are called New Agers or hippies, or unrealistic. And yet, it not my wooly thinking that has got us here - it is your science and you still think that the way you use knowledge and science is still right? Well, think again. It is wrong.

Why am i getting to exercised about this? Because i was listening to someone report back from an educational conference on Friday. It is clear that educationists have no idea what they are doing. Every year a new trend comes in, after the previous trend has 'failed', and then this new trend is tried. Until it fails and then something else is brought in. RCTs, baseline tests, etc... these only make sense if you see the reason for being alive here on Earth is to simply go forth and multiply.

I have now been a Steiner teacher now for almost five years. In that time i have spent a lot of time with children - real quality time with children. Really worked very closely with some of them and watched them grow. What children need is time - they need time to be children. They need time to enjoy the process of flowering. I see it over and over again now - children who have been forced too early. Over intellectualised. Apart from Steiner education, there is never been a syncretic system which has taken into account the full development of the child. And that is why i am a Steiner teacher, because i believe that the system gives the child the opportunity to grow gently. I know that there is this idea about unschooling, unschooling tells the child that it is in charge. With the exception, because there are always exceptions, children find being in charge very confusing and bewildering. It also seems to suggest that the world revolves around the child, not that these is a reciprocal relationship. It is the other extreme of the current educational system.

Well, i should end here. Go for my run and then start making dinner. Or maybe i could go for an extra long run tomorrow.

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