Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Taking responsibility

Nataraja, dancing the world to destruction

Over the last few weeks i have been attending a Bible study group! I know! I attended it because a friend invited me, and because i am interested in different interpretations of the Bible, especially from a esoteric perspective, i said yes. I mean it would be idiotic for me to be so interested in every kind of world mythology going and not be interested in Christianity, right? I approach the Bible in EXACTLY the same way i approach the Gita or the Norse myths or the Journey to the West or Legends of the Knights Templar. There is no difference to me. They are all sacred texts and they have all been used by humanity at some point or other to guide them spiritually.

We are reading the Gospel of John and the seven signs. They are events, specifically mentioned in John which are part of Jesus' ministry.

When you read the Gospels in the light of the other myths it is very interesting. Especially the elements in it which have to do with healing and illness.

What is sin? A long time ago it feels like now, i heard that sin in Greek referred specifically to when the arrow misses the mark. When this took place, we were in a state of sin. If we think of that state of being - sin then becomes something which is more about being responsible for your behaviour than it does about making a god unhappy.

Sometimes i wonder how the heck humans beings managed at all. We are so utterly stupid in this time. We think we know everything when actually we know nothing.

Just because we are able to manipulate a few things we think that somehow we are cleverer and more advanced than we have ever been at any point in history. The truth is that we are closer to utter self annihilation than at any other time in our history.

There are no more ends any longer, it is all about the means.

The tragedy is that over and over again we are told through our stories a few similar things:

1. Firstly, that we have been put on this Earth for a purpose. Our existence here is not pointless. There is a reason why we are here. That reason is love - we are to transform matter through love. If you do not have love you have nothing. And interestingly enough, in Hindu texts, love is also a very specific love - it is the sattvasic love. A love which is bereft of self interest. Imagine that, living a life without self interest.

2. Secondly, we have help. We have help from the unseen. I don't know what this unseen is, but it wants us to succeed. This unseen wants to help us be our highest self at all times. To connect to others, to be able to forgive, be able to share, to cherish. Sadly, we also have unseen forces which want to stop this - forces which just want us to live our lives selfishly. To take, to be ill - mostly in the soul where illness then manifests itself in other ways - physically, and then this spreads to the world around it. It is a destructive, gangrenous force. Over and over again, we are told that we ignore these unseen forces at our peril

It takes a certain amount of courage these days to say this because you instantly are regarded with utter disdain. There is no EVIDENCE for this. Science say that there is nothing apart from the physical, the material. Which is interesting, because science is actually saying that the physical is actually just 1% of what we can see. We have no idea what the rest is, so would it not be a good idea to keep the mind open to that 99%?

And instead of intelligently engaging this with possibility, what have we decided to do? We have decided that these things do not exist and we have just thrown everything out, resulting in this blind walking about. Instead of saying, "Now, the wisdom of the ages has informed us that these things exist. How they engaged previously is not going to work for us, but we must find new ways of engaging with these unseen realities so that we may fully step into our potential as loving, caring human beings." What do we do? We say, "Oh these things don't exist, it was fanciful, idiotic lucid dreaming. It is OK. We have science now."

I think this is very dangerous. Of course we have science, but we also have this whole other side to ourselves which we are not taking into account and this is now what is killing the planet - our arrogance, on every level. If we have forsaken the spiritual on a superstitious level, we must not forsake it on an awakened scientific level, which is what we have done.

3. Thirdly, that we have free will. We have this choice. The third sign was when Jesus healed the sick man at the baths. It is very interesting when you read the text closely. Jesus asks the man, "Do you want to be made whole again?" And the man replies, "Oh there is no one to help me be whole again." (OK, i am paraphrasing slightly.) Then Jesus does not wave a magic wand, he simply says to the man, "Stand up, take up your bed and walk." So Jesus does not heal the man as such, the man heals himself. Jesus just tells the man to do this. And this is how we misread the Gospels over and over again. We make Jesus some kind of snakeoil charlatan, when really, upon close reading he is this extra dimension - that voice in us which says, be whole - go and sin no more. And we all have this divinity within us. But where does it come from? And that is when we have to move past the physical, leave our direct knowing at the veil and then say, beyond this veil, there is something, but i don't know what it is.

And interestingly, in all the stories of healing so far, Jesus doesn't do any direct healing. He does not say, I have done this. He TELLS the people to sort it out for themselves. And it because they want to sort it out, because they believe, that this is done. And what does this belief consist of? This belief consists of a recognition, a deep recognition, of our essential humanity.

Only if you WANT to be healed - to understand what healing means in your context - then will you be healed.

So what does it matter that there may be the sentient unseen? I think that keeping it in mind is a good idea because you know what, there may be a whole part of life which we are ignoring. And maybe not being able to open our minds to this part of the unseen is the work of the beings who want to keep us ignorant.

In the Chola depiction of the Nataraja, Shiva stands on the demon of ignorance. Now i always thought that it was just ignorance in the pedestrian sense of the word - but what if it is ignorance at another level? - the ignorance that there is a whole dimension which we has been hidden from us and we are being told by the gods that we must be aware of this purposeful task by demons who want to keep us in ignorance, the demons which want us to think we are alone, which want us to be selfish, which want us to hate and destroy each other.

What if indeed.

Then Christ comes along and says, "Do you want to be made whole again?" And we say, "There is no one here to help me to this." And Christ replies, "Arise, stand up and walk." Step into your birthright. Be human and all it entails. Be human, in all its glory.

I love the way my worlds are now allowed to collide and cross pollinate each other - Hindu texts informing the Gospel of John. It is like being in my own massive library, in a forest glen, thinking and chewing on all these thoughts.

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