Monday, 15 August 2016

My bedroom

I have been dreading doing my bedroom because it is very dusty. So yesterday, I began, boosted by the success of the hall, however, after about 45 minutes, i became rather disheartened. I felt all cleaned out and suddenly very tired. So, with my bedroom in complete chaos, i abandoned it and just went downstairs to overeat. And have a glass or two of prosecco, at just before 11 am. Anyway, after a nap, I sent Ghin to football at 1 am, and then i came back and almost cried when I saw the bedroom. But then, I thought, nope, this can't go on and so around 4 pm i began cleaning it.

The problem with my bedroom, apart from the dust, is two-fold. Firstly, there is the bedding. Then there is the underbed storage.

The dust is sorted by just dusting and hoovering, but i hate it. Anyway, after that, the bedding. Most of the bedding was stacked in a crazy tower on an end table which I had rescued and painted. It is actually really nice. However, the REAL problem we have we bedding is that we have too much of it. So yesterday, i was ruthless, i got rid of all the flat sheets. The flat sheets which for some reason we did not have to buy and never ever use. These will now become a stash of table cloths and occasional cloths and I have NO IDEA where i will store them. I think, maybe, the school.

I then sorted out the bedding. Singles, doubles and cushion covers, table cloths, etc... This was fantastic because i discovered two things. Firstly, that we have so many covers that we never need to buy any more covers every again. Much of everything. Then I also rescued all the things on the top of the cupboard, covered in dust and the things in the bottom of the bed, also covered in dust. I have a collection of bags, indicating I will never need to buy bags ever again, for the rest of my life. I have a wicker basket which is covered and they now all go into that my bags, which is perfect. The entire room hoovered, the bedding sorted, the bags sorted and the under bed storage gone - the back of the bedroom has now been broken. So now i will clean out the drawers today and end up giving LOTS of things away, or just throwing them away, and then I will switch the storage I use for socks, etc. I also hung several pictures which were on the floor and also rescued pictures. The last bedroom to do is the study, and that will be done on Tuesday and Wednesday. And that will be all the rooms in the house done.

The boys' room was done when Justin came to live with us.

There is a mouse back in the kitchen. It frequented its favourite haunts and left a few parcels for us. However, there is no more food, so I don't know what it is trying to do. All accessible food has been stored away. Everything is in a mouse proof container. It just shows how vigilant we have to be. I wiped down and disinfected all the surfaces and i think this is just going to have to be the way for sometime. I don't mind, I love having a clean house. I love it that the house is finally coming together, thanks to this mouse. If it wasn't for the mouse I would not have been so ruthless and thorough. Lots still needs to be done, of course, but the most important work has been done.

Especially since the bedding and the dust in the room has been sorted. I still have not bought anything yet. Nothing. Everything has been a process of elimination and getting rid of things. Today I will head for the dump to throw things away.

Everything, but everything has been cleaned at least five times now. I am almost on the verge of obsession.

Hoping it will be a sunny day - there is a thick fog around.

I have also weaned myself off FB. With all this cleaning there has been very little time to do anything with FB. Thank god.

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