Thursday, 7 July 2016

Standing up for Corbyn

I never do politics because I think there is nothing in the political system worth fighting for really. However in the last few weeks I have become quite incensed with what I have been seeing. Firstly, the bloodlust for Jeremy Corbyn, a good man, a truly good man, who is simple, truthful and filled with dignity and integrity. A man who has always stood on the right side of history. Men like him do not get elected into positions of power and because his goodness was recognised by millions of common people, the same way Ghandi's goodness was recognised, and because we live in a democracy, he is now the leader of the opposition. But witness the entire corrupt weight of Westminster that not only the Tory party hate him, but also, his own Labour party, and the mainstream media come out to crush him.

I love the reasons they gave to get rid of him, which are all spurious:

But before I go into that, the REAL reason they hate him of course is because he threatens the very fabric of their beliefs and their lives - he will be asking them to SHARE what they have with everyone else - that is what they detest, pure and simple. So, on to the reasons they gave.

1. He is unelectable

Corbyn was elected by 65% of Labour supporters only last September. Also he is responsible for the explosion of Labour in the last week - 100,000 people have joined, it is estimated that about 60% have joined in order to ensure that if there is a leadership contest they are able to elect him in. I am one of them.

2. He will lose more Labour seats

Every single election and by election, including the election of the London Mayor, have been won by Labour, increased majorities. Also, let us not forget the last Labour elections were lost so badly by Ed Milliband. PLUS the real reason that Labour has lost the North is because of the neoliberal policies which were brought in by the cartloads by Tony Blair. If you want to be really clear, TONY BLAIR lost you the Labour heartlands when he continued Thatcher's good work of dismantling the welfare state and completely neglecting the North and the coasts.

He is the only hope Labour currently have of winning back seats. It will not be easy to retrieve the ground from beneath the feet of the hard right, but it can be done. Without Corbyn's cool head, the only way to regain that ground is for everyone to keep lurching to the right of each other, as we have seen in the Brexit vote.

3. He is so boring

He is not boring. Jeremy Corbyn is the most exciting leader I have encountered since god knows when. Yes, he is not a windbag, but listen to what he says. What is says is truthful, radical and it speaks directly to a future which is stable, equal and just. That is extremely exciting and inspiring. Good wine needs no bush, as my granny used to say. If you wants bells and whistles, then go to the funfair. Grow up.

4. He is friends with terrorists

Oh yes, because Blair is not friends with terrorists, like George Bush and Saudi Arabia. And the UK doesn't hold one of the largest weapons fairs in the world. 

Corbyn is unafraid to speak to people who have had to resort to violence because the West, usually, has crushed their lives and countries. He knows that they behave the way they do because they have no choice. He wants to give them choices and he knows that to do this we need to speak to them.

Plus yesterday a woman whose brother was killed in the Iraq conflict said that Tony Blair was the world's number 1 terrorist. So there.

Corbyn is not a hypocrite and he is a man with balls because he will speak to the dispossessed and the powerless, even if they hold guns. Mo Mowlam, who incidentally also opposed the war, was the real peace maker in Northern Ireland. Everything began moving when she went into the Maze and began negotiating with the Loyalists against the advice of all the suits. Let us never EVER forget that. 

5. He is anti-semetic

He does not condone what Israel does, and which sane person can, even Jewish people and Holocaust survivors can't, but that does not make him an anti-Semite. I am fast discovering that people who purposely conflate the two are either racists or incredibly stupid.

These are the five top accusations they have of him. They are all FALSE and UNTRUE. Interestingly the last two are all about dog-whistle politics. Mention anti-Semitism, or terrorism, and for some reason people suddenly because completely irrational, instead of looking carefully at the facts. It is utterly moronic. It demonstrates how politics has become populated with idiots who are unable to contain any kind of complexity or empathy in their beings.

Kicking Jeremy Corbyn is like kicking Ghandi or Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King. You must be completely mad to do this. Either maddened by ambition or maddened by fear. I am relieved that the Chilcot inquiry has vindicated everyone who stood against the war, and that includes Corbyn. 

When he apologised to the families, it proved the old saying, that the only person who can say sorry is the person who has done no wrong. Jeremy's conscience is clear, and that makes saying sorry even easier. And sorry is what everyone needed to hear. An unadulterated, unvarnished, undiluted, simple sorry. Contrast that to Blair's failing about and whinging. As Disraeli said, "Never complain, never explain."

To Corbyn's entire credit, he has never, not once indulged in the politics of attack. He criticises and forensically dissects them, but that is IT. The nonsensical name calling and joshing about which used to take place with those other opposition leaders, he just stays away from it. That ALONE is enough to make me vote for him.

Now that he has been vindicated, and the leadership challenge has evaporated, has there been any news piece about how he was right all along and the country would do well to unite behind Corbyn, the only person still alive who opposed the war?

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