Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The art of life

Today I gardened with Classes 3 and 4. There isn't much left to do really. Classes 3 and 4 have planted beans and things, and they have also looked after the garden. Because of all the hard work we did the preceding year, there is less work to do now and really, all we are doing now is just making sure that we stay on top of the weeds. In fact I am at the stage now where I am thinking of leaving some comfrey, for the bees and what not. I think that by this time next year the garden will be more or less sorted.

It has been a real achievement of sorts. Between Kevin and the volunteers, the gardening classes and the curriculum, we have managed to maintain the garden. Over the winter the children ran around the beds squashing all weed growth which would have taken place, and the beds have given the garden some kind of structure. We are already talking about autumn, but the garden is now full of lettuce, cabbages and the stray potato. We have also planted onions, beans and rocket. It has been a real sense of achievement for the children.

Today, I got the children of Classes 3 and 4 - well three boys - to make frames for the beans and all to grow around in. They did a real bang up job. I was so proud of them. I must take photographs of the garden to include in the blog.

BUT NOW, I am going to have a bath and then, I am going to sleep. It has been almost another year and the children are almost in Class Five. It has been such a crazy year really. I have learnt so much through it. Life always has this way of surprising you - I have realised, everytime you meet something difficult, it means that you still have something else to learn. I don't think I am ever going to run out of meeting difficult things in my life. Such is my fate. But I also have realised something else - through gardening, of course; namely, that everything is a bit of discipline, science and magic - in fact this is what ART is. Art is an amalgamation of discipline, science (as in knowledge) and magic. Art is NOT opposed to science, the truth is that all science is art. It is such a shame that the two have been placed in opposition to each other. In fact, it is such a shame that both have become so diminished in our modern understanding of it. Beneath it all there must be humility and a willingness to listen and learn. Mastering an art, is the mastery of life itself.

OK, it is really time to sleep. This evening I am getting up to really clean the house. Then tomorrow is half term. Hooray!

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