Saturday, 14 May 2016


Inspired by my blog last night i decided to make an effort to record some of what i did today... cos it was so lovely... so here it is...

After we dropped the boys off we went to Carrick to show some support at the
Stop the Drill protest
So today I was lying in bed feeling really BLAH. I was going OMG i have this ridiculously long list of things to do - THINGS TO DO - and i just don't have the energy to do it with. And then I thought - for some reason - life is beautiful. It was very weird. The thought occurred to me, life is beautiful and so I should do everything I need to do beautifully and enjoy it. And that was it. I was out of bed and I managed to organise - but it wasn't organising as much as finally enjoying the things that I have to do. And it just got moving. It was such a relief.

That did not stop my yelling at my dad though. But that is another story.

The protest at Carrick

Lining up at the dojo to thank Sensei Tristan

It is like a scene from Ran, with less blood -
maybe the children's remake of the Seven Samurai
Ghin attends a kendo class in East Belfast which is run from this beautiful old church. It is run by a parent of a student in my class. Ghin is very lucky to attend it. He love kendo. But this means Saturdays are filled to the gills - circus school in the morning and then kendo in the afternoon. I usually clean the house in between taxing.

Jedi Knight training

Don't they look like the real deal?

Then after that, the boys headed to Stormont to do some parkour

Awesome pictures by Ghin

It is all too cute
By the time all this ended, I had cooked dinner for five boys - there was also Oisin and Justin, his German exchange student - and washed up - it felt like i was running a boys' home. To be surrounded by such life and laughter - we ended up in the kitchen chatting with Justin and Oisin, just kidding around and giggling. Honestly, this has to be one of the BEST days of the year so far - and that is a lesson for me - from starting the day feeling like UGH! to have it slowly evolve into this is AWESOME!!!! Such a lesson. I need to GET OUT MORE, not less.

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