Friday, 27 May 2016

Longing for Atlantis

The question of the Piri Res map

I am a bit obsessed with Atlantis today - well I have been for a few months, now the same way I was obsessed with the Holy Grail for a bit there. I pisses me off no end that these beautiful symbols and stories of humanity's longing for an ideal were appropriated by mad people - the Church, Nazis, Europeans who think they are Aryans, just mad people the world over. Having read a lot of literature about the two (and watched a lot of YouTube videos), I have noticed this trend around sacred objects.

Firstly, that people tend to overlay their agenda over what they see. This includes both traditional scientists and the nutters, because they are nutters. The scientists just exclude anything which may fall outside their realms of 'hard fact' and the nutters have a theory which happily takes speculation and turns it into fact. In a way they are two sides of the same coin. People with an agenda.

Secondly, sacred objects have this power which will always be sought after by people who either are in power or want power. This makes me very angry, because it is this which has precisely killed people's instinct towards what is spiritual - the world which is invisible. This attitude diminishes the object and destroys any true credibility which it has - and what is that important role? It is the role of linking us to the past and the future. The stories which have been made about these places and objects contain a mystery of who we are as human beings and where we are going to and it is through these mysteries which we can really develop.

Thirdly, there are certain mysteries which are core to us as human beings the world over - this is not some essentialist craziness, but based on simple observation. Just as we are recognisable as human beings, despite our varied religions, languages and cultures, we are the same. We can have children together, we can learn each other's language, we can adapt and integrate - we share so much in common superficially. But we also have this esoteric common history - the mystery. Jung said this was the archetype. In many cultures there is the initiation where people are given 'secrets'. This way of being has changed since Christ.

I think that the most important thing Christ did, was to say, the old ways of doing this are gone - now the individual can find their own path to the Divine, through love. It is really important to take this out of the context of narrow Christianity which has really subverted the real message ever since. If you see Christ as a universal figure, the way people here are able to see Bhudda or Ghandi as a universal figure, then you can see that his message was completely revolutionary. We do not need high priests to enter the Holy of Holies because that is fallen, that has become corrupt. Humanity needs to find their own way, in freedom, to the cosmos. Forget about those who have kept you in chains. This is one of the reasons he suffered such a horrible death, to discourage people from being upstarts. He was made an example of.

Around the world. that really is the message of holy men and women - you can do this for yourself, have a direct mystical experience with the divine, and in doing so liberate yourself and others to follow the call in your heart. But this needs to be done with care, because, as you know liberation is a two-edged sword and you could become a Hitler as easily as you could become a Christ.

So back to my question about this third premise - which is why? Why is there is common underlying impulse that unites us, this common mystery at the heart of the story of humanity, which is beyond the named player, but reaches into our shared subconscious that refuses to let these questions die?

So. this is what I have learnt researching about Atlantis and the Holy Grail.

I have also discovered that the best research is research which asks questions, and keeps on asking questions. It poses a problem and say, what do you think? Could it be? This form of questioning is like taking a really interesting walk through time. It has taken me to ancient Egypt, to ancient Bolivia, Indonesia, Africa... it scans all of the heavens and world literature. It covers the disciplines of geology, geography, cartography, natural history, literature, archaeology... Right now I am reading this book called The View Over Atlantis, and it is currently about ley lines in England. I don't know how this relates to Atlantis yet, but I love the way it is written. Completely unemotional and unbiased, but also very affectionately. There is a great love for the land but it is utterly uncompromising in the way it sets out facts. It checks itself and it points out places were wishful thinking may have occurred, blinding people to what is there, rather than what is really happening.

I have also noticed that there is also the human need to explain everything, to close down the unknown. It is like a disease. Rather than observe and wait, human beings just want to get their spoke in and shut it all down - a rush to judgement. This is a terrible thing. Rather than letting a mystery reveal itself through time, and then living with humility with the thing, they prefer to speculate. This creates a kind of violence - and violence to the truth. And the truth is that we cannot know ANYTHING for certain. Nothing. If we lived with this humility at the foremost of our very gesture of being, think about what a different world we would live in. Kinder, it would breathe more, there would be real confidence, not blunderbuss and bravado. There would be wisdom, not just information.

If we lived with a playful curiosity, rather than a hardened certainty, think about how gentleness and growth would take its place in the centre of our being, rather than a death-filled version of pride. When we know, it does not mean that we can go out, armed with the knowledge, like a giant sword, and hack down everything in our path. It means simply, that we know. It is no more or no less than what it is. It is not incumbent upon us to then try and exploit it. When we have understood something, we have mastered it. We do not then need to rip the arse out of it. Unfortunately, this is the way things stand today. When people know something, they think they need to do something with it. No, you do not need to do anything with it. If we lost the ends justifies the mean attitude to life, think of all the dead ends, the extinct species, the unnecessary strife and heartache we would have saved ourselves.

That is what is the problem in our relationship with mystery right now. We are not content to allow ourselves to be humble beside it. We must lord over it. We must plant our flag on it. In doing so we end up demystifying it - defiling it, and in so doing defiling ourselves. Look at the state of the planet today - that is how we have managed to destroy ourselves.

But the mystery, that will not die. It is still left in tact. The Holy Grail and Atlantis are as elusive as ever. The what if will neither be dismissed nor die. It will continue and endure. And as long as we do not change our attitude to mystery, we will continue to diminish ourselves, and we will never get to the heart of it. We will never be able to see it for what it is, forever cursed then with the image of ourselves, roaring at ourselves, never seeing the beautiful island, but the terror of Caliban in the mirror.

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