Friday, 1 April 2016

Pure climbing

Those of you who have followed this blog will know that Oisin and Ghin are extremely agile, well-coordinated and strong children. I don't say this as a boast. This is a fact. Friends who have ever encountered them will tell you the same. They scale walls unaided and balance on beams and flip, etc with no problems at all. If they can think it they will probably be able to do it. I put this down to circus school and Steiner education.

There are things about them which i am not entirely happy about, like they seem much happier to watch youtube than read a good book, but there you go, that just proves they are normal, like the rest of us. Anyway, they have discovered bouldering.

Bouldering is like climbing without ropes and harnesses and belaying. Often, when you climb with ropes, etc you have help from the rope. If you fall, the rope takes the fall. In bouldering, this does not happen. You have nowhere to hide. The drop is shorter, but the demands are more.  Needless to say, they love bouldering.

There is now a bouldering centre in Belfast. It is run by some really cool and funky people. I did not boulder because i am still building up my fitness levels, but here are the two boys, born spidermen, crawling about the walls.

That is spider daddy.

It is day 8 of the new me. It has now more or less settled. Yesterday was odd. I had a terrible headache all of yesterday and it turns out it was because, of course, i got some new perfume and despite it being Weleda, it gave me a headache. I think maybe one spray is enough then. Today i just took some paracetemol. I was not going through the day on a self-induced migrane/headache.

The running continues, even in the rain. I had bought some wildflower seeds to put out today BUT there is no way i can work the soil without causing a mudbath.

Can't quite believe the weather today.

So yesterday, something occurred, about the nature of suffering. Suffering refines us. It is a crucible in which we are made pure. I am not saying that everyone should be made to suffer, but should suffering me visited upon us, it is an opportunity to use the pain to transform the self. Blocking it out is actually counterproductive because it is pushed under and then it becomes part of the subconscious. If it is not used, if it is not offered up, then it becomes, it has the potential to become toxic. The question for me though then, is for how long should a person suffer? They should suffer until they have had enough. And if they cannot control the amount of time they suffer? Then it actually becomes very dangerous. Too much suffering can cause derangement. As Yeats said, Too much suffering can make a stone of the heart. You can become insane with the suffering and this can result in either you harming yourself or others - or both - as in the case of suicide bombers. Or freedom fighters. And soldiers who are sent to fight in wars - often they have very damaged backgrounds.

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