Sunday, 20 March 2016


Sunny day with smiles

Yesterday I spoke too my mom after about a week. We had missed each other and I was feeling a bit pissed off with myself. I AM SOOOOO TIRED. I thought. What is WRONG with me? Then I managed to get her and we chatted. After awhile I said well, the play went well, and then I realised, of course, I am tired because of the play! So much of work goes into the play and of course, there is the postshow come down. Ah that was why. This made me feel much better. It is only when you speak to moms that you figure out why you were feeling so miserable.

To be clear I was not feeling miserable for the sake of feeling miserable. I was feeling miserable because I wasn't able to do the things I thought I should do. However, during the school play i was doing lots and lots, so really, cutting oneself slack is probably a good idea.

Well i managed to get everything done i wanted before i left for Roma.

OK, time to head back home and then on to Rome. The Eternal City - so called for a good reason. If i had to live in a City anywhere on Earth it would be Rome, no question.

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