Monday, 28 March 2016

More getting on with it

It is not possible to eat badly in Rome, you'd really have to try

I think that most of life can be characterised by the phrase 'getting on with it'. After Rome, it was very nice to be getting on with it, especially since this meant cutting out caffeine, sugar and dairy. I have also stopped eating too much meat and running everyday. Admittedly it is only day 4, but hey, i am DETERMINED this time. Something happened to me, being in Rome, a city i adore utterly. I feel so at home there, i cannot explain it. It is like i have walked those streets and lived there. It is also like that with Ireland - especially Donegal. And i never have felt happy in Singapore, but very happy in Indonesia. Not so much Malaysia. Go figure. Anyway, being in Rome was sort of like returning to myself, but a better version of myself. The food was so wonderful and i felt so happy in the company of friends, that i thought, i really deserve better than this - as in my body deserves better than this.

It then occurred to me two things: well, the first thing was like in a vision. I sort of saw my future self - myself at 60. I saw myself at 60, with white hair, with a very toned and fit body, and still really super active. Riding horses, running, doing things i did at 20. Yep, that future self spoke to me. The other thing which occurred to me was really, it is not that hard to be that future self. All you have to do is wait. Time will sort this out. Return to who you really are and time will do the rest.

So i went, ok, i will do this.

And do this i am now undergoing. The next year will be spent journeying to this future self. But it is the next two weeks which will be critical in getting my in the habit.

On Good Friday, i gave up caffeine and sugar and dairy completely. And alcohol. By the evening i had a super thumping headache. It felt like the worst hangover in the world. I had to go to bed at 7.30 pm. Despite this, i felt really great. And i felt even better the day after. By Day 3 - which was yesterday, i felt like i had been reset completely. Unbelievably my trousers were already getting looser and when i went running in the morning i felt so light and happy. I still have a long long way to go, but the journey of one year starts with the first day.

The boys and i cleaned the toilet this afternoon and the laundry has been caught up with. I have sorted out my desk and this evening i will start preparing for school. The toilet was really fun to do and we also helped each other to do the laundry. The boys were fantastic - chipping in.

Lunch was inspired by Italy - antipasti of artichoke and romaine lettuce salad, with couscous. A nod to the Irish with sausages and broccoli. But i thought to myself, how in the wide world did i end up eating like so badly for all these months.

It is astonishing how quickly the body adjusts. It has only been four days, and yet, because i have been drinking lots of water, green and fresh teas, eating loads of fruit and veg, and cutting out all the rubbish, my skin looks amazing. I feel so happy. Everything once again seems possible. I don't feel sluggish, as if someone has put sugar in the tank. It is a truly wonderful thing the body. We are very lucky to have this. The other thing i have noticed about my body is that once i decide to do it losing weight is ridiculously easy. I mean like within a few weeks i can easily lose 10 kilos or more.

Right, almost dinner time, which is a cauliflower dahl and the leftover couscous. It is amazing how EASY it is to be healthy, to journey to your best self. God, i am so grateful for this time. Thank you universe.

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