Monday, 28 March 2016

Easter 2016

To me nationalism is a pointless activity - allegiance to a flag is a ridiculous notion 

However universal suffrage is real and that is what i am able to identify with
in the Irish struggle for self determination and independence

I do think that much rings hollow today though, simply because the Celtic Tiger
demonstrated that the Irish are as suggestible to consumerism and materialism as anyone else

My half Oirish boyos

We were watching the Wind That Shakes The Barley the other night and
it was amazing that they were all playing hurling in vests and flat caps
Such a great look, especially on Cillian Murphy

My fat face

The cutest rebel

Irish events often have large swathes of standing around
Things do not start on time - they begin when they are ready

So we spent about an hour doing this

Well actually I was in the car

The first time i ever saw this sort of banner was during the Miners' Strike demos
I did think they looked weird

This sort of fleg i am more used to since we also have it in Singapore

That boke with the camera was everywhere getting into every shot

Many people dressed up like this
Some women wore heels, it must have been murder in them
as they had to walk a mile there and back

Yesterday we were in Buncrana. It was very bright and rainy - a typical March Day in Ireland. On the way there I read the entire news article written in May a hundred years ago - an account of the Easter Rising. The story of men and women who had had enough and decided that they were going to die, rather than live on their knees. It is a story that is familiar wherever horrible injustice has taken place, where the abuse of power has been limitless and where people have had enough. But they will not be given their freedoms and self determination peacefully, instead they have had every door slammed in their faces. Based on that, what else could they do? Import weapons and attack the city.

It is a story which is still as old as time.

It does make me a little ill that the best that Ireland can do when commemorating its 1916 martyrs, because that is what they really are - they knew the entire operation was hopeless, they were almost certainly going to die - but they did it anyway, is this sort of fascist nonsense of twirling weapons, putting fat middle aged men in costumes with chocolate medals and people waving flags at motorcades. It would have been far more exciting to have had a reenactment of the entire event. Had the entire street turned into the scene of the struggle and telecast that - live theatre - and then using special lighting effects had the entire street burned down.

It was uncomfortably close to the wars being fought today. For instance, when the artillery was brought out that destroyed all of the shopping area of Dublin, it was like shock and awe. The people wandering the streets, horrified at all the old buildings having been burned down. And of similarities where the people how were blamed were not the occupiers, but the people who resisted them. Civilians. People who could no longer endure oppression.

I can't bear it really, watching this nonsense and listening to the nonsensical commentary. I have never tolerated it for Singapore, I don't see why i should tolerate it for Ireland, whom I think should really know better.

I have also been rereading The Rebel by Camus. There are some great lines in it, but also some things which i can't agree with. I can't agree that Sade was some sort of Romantic hero. I also think it was very interesting how he sort of drew a line between the Romantics and the Fascists. I had never thought of that. It is good rereading things sometimes.

I am also reading Rubicon by Tom Holland. Partly because i need to bone up on Ancient Rome, and partly because i have just returned from Rome and it is easier to imagine the way it was. I visited the Capitoline Museum for the first time and was blown away - again by how similar the Romans were to us. Perhaps this is why I love Rome - in them i can see everything which is good and awful laid bare. No metanarrative - things are just the way they are.


The house has been cleaned a little bit everyday. We are preparing for Justin's arrival/ My first priority is the bath room - and then the kitchen - it is really awful. The garden is next. The conservatory is about liveable.

Well Easter 2016 has come and gone. Spring is now truly on its way with the equinox and all. Everything is blossoming and blooming. I am just going to completely enjoy the rest of the holidays.

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