Tuesday, 16 February 2016


The Nine Realms

So the holidays have finally begun for me. Yesterday i spent most of the day recovering from the journey to Clare by watching and reading things i Googled about Atlantis and the ancient civilisation. Graham Hancock, who actually is very interesting, although completely discredited by the mainstream, has this to say - that there was a comet which struck the Earth around 12,000 years ago, called the Younger Dryad, which is a fascinating name to give an age, because it looks like Yggsdrassil, the world tree, and also it means tree spirit, and this catastrophe brought about the destruction of this high civilisation. This then meant that they became refugees and settled in many parts of the world, resulting in very similar constructions in very far away places - such as parts of South America, Indonesia and the Middle East. He also said that Thor Hydal, whom i have A LOT of time for, said that he did believe that there must have been a high civilisation which connected both sides of the Atlantic. Of course there are many similarities with the Pacific as well, through Polynesian culture.

For me i am MORE inclined to believe that there MUST have been something, rather than there was NOT. It just makes sense to me. What was also terrible was the discrimination which these people face in mainstream academia. I had no idea that archaeology was quite so conservative. It is a bit sad really. At least in the arts, unless something is completely inethical there is a willingness to push boundaries - sometimes too far, i think - but at least there is a willingness to explore possibilities. This is why science will always need the arts, to help it imagine a bit more, and why arts will always need science, to keep it grounded. This is why i am a Steiner teacher.

Oh i CANNOT wait for spring to be here!!!! I look out at my garden and i recall all the flowers of spring. The marigolds, the hollyhocks, the violas, the delphiniums. I recall the brassicas, the rocket, the flowering rosemary, the roses!!! Oh for spring!

Right, it is time to do some housework before i take off to Castle Espie.

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