Monday, 15 February 2016


Lost continents

I have more or less convinced myself that Ireland is indeed on the edge of Atlantis. I mean literally. There was a civilisation, called Atlantis, it disappeared in a catastrophe, and Ireland was not quite part of it, but it also survived the disaster. This has been after doing a lot of reading and a lot of feeling. Having looked at several ancient civilisations, i have come to the conclusion that there is definitely some sort of lost technology. If anyone says to me, how can knowledge be lost, i would say to them, do you know how to knit? Did your grandmother know how to knit? Is the answer to the first one no and the answer to the second one yes? In which case, the technology has been lost. It is very simple. All it needs is for one person who had that know how to be unable to pass it on, and it will die. Languages have died. No one knows how the Bridge of Sighs was built and that was less than 400 years ago. So, yes, we can have lost tech.

It is clear that this lost tech was extremely effective in that it could cut stone with laser like precision and its ability with metal work was off the scale. There are monuments in South American and Africa whose use of metal work in their buildings is inexplicable. Either there is time travelling from the future (and i mean a more advanced future than ours) into the past, or there was something which was in the past and we have lost it. Where did this tech come from? I do not know. People say from Gods/Aliens. Others say we just had a different relationship with the materials around us and as our consciousness changed, we were unable to work with the physical world in that way any longer. Whatever it is, we could not have done what we did with the tech know how we think existed in the past. So, ergo lost tech.

There are numerous books and myths and stories around the world which point to a more advanced understanding of the cosmos than we have. Where did this come from? I am talking about ancient texts, astronomical knowledge, creation myths - CLEARLY this understand of what it means to be human was not written by any one person - it is a collection of ancient wisdom which we have inherited. However, not only is it ancient, it is also extremely accurate. The holographic universe was described by the Upanishads. In fact many things being proved in quantum physics now has been in Hindu texts for thousands of years. Where did they get this insight from?

Finally it is just the FEELING one gets when you travel deep into the Irish countryside, particularly, if you are on the West Coast, along the Atlantic Way. The sense of other worldiness overwhelming. There is a melancholic dreaminess which is not there in say, a beach in Bali. Or the shore line of Singapore. The repercussions of that cataclysm can still be felt today if you allow yourself to feel it. The entire place is steeped in the feeling of it. There is real magic in the land in Ireland, still, even till this day. It is uncanny, it is weird. It gives you goosebumps. Walk along the cliffs of Achill or Moher or Donegal and you could well imagine creatures of Tir Na Og playing along the shore - in fact i am pretty sure they are - we just cannot see them. Enter the ancient woodlands and sprites and elementals are gathered sitting on mossy stones or wading in the clear rainy streams. They are simply EVERYWHERE if they are given half the chance. The only other place i have ever felt this kind of spiritual activity is in Indonesia, there the land is still heaving with these unseen forces.

I think it is only a matter of time before they find the physical Atlantis, the real Atlantis, if there is anything still left to fine. BUT in the meantime, i am perfectly happy to know that there is a past civilisation which was incredibly advanced, where there was a tragic disaster, and that probably took place somewhere near Ireland.

So, what difference does it make to my life? Well, firstly, it is pretty cool to live on the edge of Atlantis. Secondly, that the unseen presence in Ireland is there - it is not a figment of my imagination. THEN, since the land is sacred, we must treat it as such - which informs how we should live and work on it. Those of us who live here are custodians of this heritage, we have a duty to honour it and care for it, which makes the impulse of cooperation and using the resources of the land in a sustainable way even more vital.

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