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Earth becomes the cosmos of love

A friend sent me an article, in a lecture by Steiner.

In it Steiner talks about the creation of the human being by the hierarchies and then says, the last bit is our Ego. Our Ego was created by the Lords of Form and what we are supposed to do with our Ego is to take the Wisdom in the cosmos and transform it using our Ego into love. He uses the phrase, the force of love. When we do this, we sort of pay it forward - we pay it forward for successive generations to then continue this work. (The Ego is not the usual ego use of the word ego which means selfish - but the self, the unique individuality in all of space and time which is you and I. The part of us which is eternal, transcendent and touches on the divine.)

Steiner speaks of this as a scientific fact. This is really what is happening in the world around us. We need to do this work or we will be lost. While we are doing this work he says the forces of Lucifer and Ahriman will make is as hard for us as possible because they do not want us to do this work. (You do not have to be an anthroposophist to do this - many people in the world do this without being in the least bit aware of the theory being love and being kind to each other.) They have this selfishness in them which consists of them getting their own way no matter what the cost. In this scenario human beings are chattel - dispensable, when we are gone, it won't matter because we have served our short term purpose - either the assuaging of the pain in the ahrimanic being or the destruction of the Earth in the luciferic being.

However, we have help, in the shape of our angels - our own individual angels, we just need to ask for help from them, to especially after the age of 28, connect very consciously with them. Again, you do not have to do this on a deliberate level. Many people connect to their angels by listening to their hearts. By having the courage to do so. This does not mean that others should be condemned in their actions (ok, so i call people morons now and then), but it is important to recognise the difference between an activity which contributes to the universal bank of love and an activity which detracts from it. This requires infinite patience, courage and compassion. It is very very difficult.

There is really a point to all this Steiner says - and on one level you could say, it is the law of karma. On another level you could say it is simple action and consequence. There is actually no need to drag metaphysics into it, although metaphysics is fascinating and very interesting. Not to mention very beautiful. We can all keep it simple.

I reproduce the article here, in case anyone is interested in reading it. It is very condensed and many ideas will appear to be quite eccentric - such as the Earth going to various stages of evolution which Steiner has named the old Saturn, old Sun, old Mars, etc... this is the various stages in the creation of the Earth which took millions and millions of epochs - timeless time. Then the various Lords are the spiritual hierarchies and this can be read as the unseen forces which even today shape a plant's growth, or make crystals grow - we cannot see these forces - the dark matter, as it were. Steiner names four classes of them here. These are what we call now the God Particles.

Finally we have ourselves - right in the middle of the cosmic drama. On some level it feels like we want to deny our role in all this. Sort of like a prodigal son who cannot comprehend or face up to our responsibilities here on Earth and what needs to be done because maybe it just asks too much of us. Does it ask too much of us?  The interesting thing is that Steiner suggests, that really there is no need to know too much about this background - warm thinking and love drives right action - it is right action which is what will redeem us.

Anyway, here is the article. As with everything, make up your own mind about it - i know i still am!


Steiner, GA 13, p. 309 http://www.gutenberg.org/files/30718/30718-pdf.pdf

In the earth condition is contained that which has developed within the preceding Saturn, Sun and Moon states. Earth man finds “wisdom” in the processes going on around him. This wisdom is there as the fruit of what has happened in the past. The Earth is the descendant of the “old Moon”; and the latter developed with all that belonged to it, into the “Cosmos of Wisdom.” The Earth is now at the commencement of an evolution, which will introduce a new force into this wisdom. It will cause man to feel himself an independent member of a spiritual world. This will come to pass because his ego will have been formed within him during the Earth period by the Lords of Form, as was his physical body on Saturn by the Lords of Will, his vital body on the Sun by the Lords of Wisdom, and his astral body on the Moon by the Lords of Motion. By means of the co-operation of the Lords of Will, Wisdom and Motion, that which manifests as wisdom is brought forth. Through the labours of these three classes of spirits, the beings and processes of earth can harmonize in wisdom with the other beings of their world. It is the Lords of Form who bestowed on man his independent ego. In the future this ego will harmonize with the beings of Earth, Jupiter, Venus, and of Vulcan, by means of the force added to the existing wisdom during the Earth period.

It is the force of love. This force must begin to arise within earth-humanity and the Cosmos of Wisdom develop into a Cosmos of Love. Everything which the ego is able to unfold within itself must give birth to love. The all-embracing archetype of love is set forth in the revelation of that lofty Sun-spirit indicated in the [401] description of the Christ Mystery. Through Him the germ of love is planted in the innermost core of the human being; and from this starting-point it must flow through the whole of evolution. Just as the wisdom previously formed manifests in the forces of the earthly sense-world, in the “elementary forces” of to-day, so love itself will manifest in the future, in all phenomena, as the new “elementary force.”

The secret of all future development is a recognition that An Outline of Occult Science everything achieved by man from a right comprehension of evolution is a sowing of seed which must ripen into love. And the greater the amount of love-force, so much the greater will be the creative force available for the future. In that which will grow from love, will lie the mighty forces leading to that culminating point of spiritualization described above. The greater the amount of spiritual knowledge that flows into human and terrestrial evolution, so much more living and fruitful seed will be stored up for the future. Spiritual knowledge is transmuted through its own nature into love. The whole process which has been described, beginning with the Greco-Roman period and extending throughout the present time, shows how this transformation, for which the beginning has now been made for future times, is to take place and to what end. That which has been prepared as wisdom on Saturn, Sun and Moon, is active in the physical, etheric and astral bodies of man; it shows itself there as the
“Wisdom of the World”, but within the “ego” it [402] becomes intensified. The wisdom of the outer world becomes inner wisdom in man from the Earth period onward and when it is concentrated in him, it becomes the germ of love. Wisdom is the necessary preliminary condition for love; love is the fruit of wisdom, reborn in the ego.

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