Friday, 22 January 2016

Downed time

White hair

Today i am having downed time. When i am ill i clean the house (because i cannot bear being ill in a mess, it only makes me more ill and miserable) so today, as i was doing this, i wondered, do i get ill because the house is not clean, or do i need to have a clean house to feel better? The things people think about when they are hallucinating as they clean.

The SUN has come out. It has definitely got to be the WARMEST winder on record. It already feels like spring even though technically it is two weeks away, and right now, sitting where i am, in the conservatory, it feels sort of late Feb, rather than late Jan. Who knows what the weather will bring, or indeed the year at this stage, but i AM glad that i did decide to take the day off, i feel better already.

I am now experimenting with aloe vera. Over the Christmas holidays i repotted many of our indoor plants and the aloevera has really responded to the treatment. It has grown in a Little Shop of Horrors sort of way and now i am using it to treat Ghin's eczema and to see how it works out on my skin. I usually use oil - jojoba and wheatgerm - but over the winter it began to dry out my skin - so i thought, right let's see if aloevera will do the trick, and it seems to have been really beneficial for both myself and Ghin.

I will now ask Oisin to use it as well. If he can be bothered.

Most of my skincare regime is like that. I wonder what will happen if i do this.... I know it is very haphazzard of me, but i think the best thing one can do for one's skin is drink lots of water, exercise and not use make up - or rather use it sparingly. The WORST culprit for poor skin is the use of foundation. If anyone looks at the evolution of foundation, you will see that it was used for concealment on special occasions. Such as if you were a movie star on set. It was never meant for everyday use. It clogs the pores, it prevents the skin from breathing, it has all kinds of dodgy chemicals which you really don't want near your face, or on the Earth. Foundation is a terrible thing which has been inflicted upon women. It is a con. A terrible terrible con. And women have bought it.

Well, that's what i think anyways.

I have also decided to let my white hair grow out as an experiment. See what happens. I have lots of white hair for someone in my 40s. At the same time though i think, well i have really looked after my hair - by that i mean i have not subjected it to all kinds of torture, so i have a pretty good head of hair i think. Which means that apart from henna, i could try letting my hair go white. Instead of henna i could use aloe vera and then see what i look like with white hair. It could be cool. There will be the annoying in betweeny stage like between the fringe and no fringe, but it could be so cool. So i am reclaiming my white hair.

I think that life leaves its traces on us, we should be proud of this. Stretchmarks, wrinkles, white hair, floppy arms... and yet, at the same time, we also must look after our bodies - as a mark of appreciation. Giving thanks to whomever has given us the opportunity to live and work upon the Earth. That is something special. A wonderful mission which we have been given to do. How excellent is that? So cool. So the balance has always to be struck between the extremes of care and acceptance.

The other day i was saying to a friend, after i had a look at some well done repairs - i said, I love seeing a well done repair. I think it looks even better than something which is new. She agreed. It means that love and care have gone into the act of repairing, that someone took the trouble to give this thing a new lease of life.

And that is how i feel about our physical existence. It is nice to see someone looking after themselves, but not being vain about it. Not being over the top about it. It is a sort of thank you to the universe and to your ancestors.

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