Friday, 1 January 2016

Being at home

So, i spent most of the day wondering what i would do with the day and then i fell asleep around three pm and didn't wake till 4. I was hoping that i would be going for a run at some stage, but the weather is atrocious. So here i am. I have decided to plan the New Year instead.

The rain is just going on and on and on. It wonder about people living near rivers and lakes. People who have been flooded out of their houses. I feel really sorry for them. On Sunday i start work again at the school. This evening, there is a planning.

I am so so so tired still, despite having taken it easy for the past week or so. Well, since Christmas. I am just still so tired. I think i am going to have to examine my diet. This is just not right.

So i am going to do up one room in the house per month. Clean it and do it up.

The conservatory has inspired me and i believe it can be done. But i prefer to work at home alone. This is hard with children around because i feel i should be doing things with them instead of cleaning the house. Sigh.

Apart from that piano, writing and running. Reading. Riding. I have a trip to Rome coming up. There are lots of things with the school of course. Gardening. I have started posting people things - giving them things as well. So this is good. Visit sacred sites in Ireland. Continue my research on the supersensible world.

Why does it matter? The supersensible world? I do not know, except that it is nagging the hell out of me. Three years ago i began looking at Parsifal and the Grail Mysteries, i looked a lot at this, what was the nature of suffering. It is time to look at this again. There is loads to be getting on.

Establishing a rhythm, which is going to take the hell out of me for the first month.

Life is sacred, i really feel that deeply, in my bones. It is the ultimate Mystery - and Mystery. Why do we ask ourselves these big questions, what prompts us to? These questions which arrive out of the ether. The transformation love and suffering. This weaving from the spiritual world into the physical and back out again. It is really amazing.

I have amassed a collection of Steiner lectures - Guardian Angels, connection with our Spiritual Guides and Helpers. I once had a friend who picked this up and did not say anything. He did not believe in any of this and to him this was a complete waste of time. I saw the look in his eyes. He judged me for reading this book. He did not have to say anything.

This will be the first book i will start with.

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