Monday, 7 December 2015

The Rivet Popper

Made from scratch - took two and a half hours
I was feeling much better yesterday at about 7 am. In fact I felt so well that by the time 9 am came round I felt well enough to attempt the gingerbread house. This was done in 2 and a half hours. I did buy all the ingredients the night before but was just too exhausted to do anything. So, I did this instead in the morning.

After watching John Pilger I have come to the conclusion that the politicians of the world have absolutely NO interest in people in general. Nil. Zip. Nada. We are sort of back in the late 19th early 20th century when anarchists were going around blowing up people, when Lenin and Trotsky were beginning to take hold, when Marx was talking about inequality. We are back there. The political elite did not care about the ordinary person in the street. Let us see what they did back then. There was then a war which last from ... well you could say that there was constant war since the Imperialism - and then it all culminated in WWI, followed by WWII - when Germany, Italy and Japan got together - then there was 'peace' for about half a century.

We are now sleepwalking into that again. Why can people not see it? How come governments are so stupid and useless? It is shocking how poor people were in Europe - the anarchists were not just living our some revolutionary ideal. No. They were subjected first hand to the horrors of neglect and exploitation. In lifetime memories here in Ireland there were employment fairs, there were employment markets. People would stand around street corners waiting for someone to come along and give them laughable wages to do something like clean the floor. This is why we have contracts for work - and now we are back to those street corners, the zero hours. We are slowly undoing the things which held everything in place - true civilisation in place.

In biodiversity we have this analogy of the rivet-popper on a jet. If one or two of them give way, the plane is still intact. But if you take too many away, it just falls apart. As in the ecosystem, so to in democracy. It is ok to take away one or two things - however, when you take away the freedom of speech, the right of assembly, the right to privacy, when you take away welfare, when you take away fairness, housing, what happens is that the balance begins to shift - the powerful begin to accrue more and more power and then one day you find that you have a monster on your hands which you cannot control. The people get so pissed off, so downtrodden, they have no where else to go and that is how revolution occurs. It has happened a million times before - why the hell do people in power not understand this? Their job is to keep the balance. They have one job - why don't they do this?

Albert Camus, whom I quote ad naseum, said that The Rebel is not the extremist, the rebel is the restorer of balance. The rebel sees that something has gone out of balance and wants to bring that into play again. To say that someone is rebelling because they are idealistic is wrong. They rebel because they are pragmatic.

We are in for some very very dark times unless the governments wake up their ideas, but this is not going to happen. They have surrounded themselves with idiots as well. People who only have their self interest at heart and are not going to speak up. Yes men - yes women. Their only indicator is money - how much money have we made? Their only yardstick of success is the GDP. How can ANYONE in this day and age of climate change say that the GDP is the be all and end of economic success? How can people exclude true well-being - and I do not mean simply doing yoga and meditation - I also mean freedom from poverty and fear and oppression. People would not need to meditate if they lived peaceable and safe lives. Perhaps this obsession with meditation is a sign of our times - the crisis of helplessness. Speaking out does not help, voting does not help, asking for help does not help... so what shall we do? We meditate. Little meditative frogs in the slowly boiling water.

For me meditation is one device, one gateway through which we can pass in order to know who we really are. In order to come face to face with shadow and in so doing making our peace with ourselves. (Fighter pilots are being taught to meditate before bombing raids. Surely to god this is the WRONG application of meditation.) However, if done correctly it can be extremely liberating. We free ourselves from all fear. However what I see, too often promoted in meditation, is this somatic solution to our everyday problems. Meditation is supposed to be a radical activity, not your daily dose of organic Prozac.

Anyway, I have gone on for too long. I am planning to spend the morning swanning around the streets of Holywood and posting things to Singapore... maybe one day this will be a luxury - the running water, electricity, peaceful busy streets... so I am going to enjoy it, enjoy every bit of it.

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