Thursday, 5 November 2015

Fast - Day 4

The nerd... i have photos of myself looking like this when i was 15...
Still the nerd...

Well i have not gone running yet. Everyday something has cropped up. The truth is that i have realised something about myself during this fast. Something which i have long suspected. If it involved something which i do not like, or there is too much of an effort, or if i know that it will end up in some kind of delayed response from someone - so these things all involve other people - apart from my running - i will delay doing it. It is such a terrible habit. I hate it, I can't bear it. So i shall, do something i do not enjoy everyday.

I suppose it is only human nature to not like to do thing that we do not enjoy doing. How much of life is built on procrastination? How much inertia occurs when we just do not start doing things? Ugh. I did manage to buy my new running shoes, cos one of them was left behind in Dublin. But there they sit in their pink and black weird hediousness in my car, never having been worn to go for any running. Ever after i will only be able to wear dark coloured running trousers.

The days pass so fast in school. The mornings just fly by. Before i know it, it is lunch time, and then it is going home time. And then there are meetings and then it is time to go home and have dinner. And then i can't go running. Cos Ghin is alone now because Oisin is away. I might have to run when Peter has him.

My caffeine, sugar, dairy and snack intake has dropped drastically. So this is good (i feel like Bridget Jones.)

But no running still.


Right time to wake Ghin up. Then, on to the rest of the day.

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