Monday, 23 November 2015

A zodiac garden

Yesterday was just beautiful. The sun shone, it was warm and what's more the sun shone all day and it was warm all day. I was down at the school at quarter to 11 and when the first parent arrived i had begun woodchipping the paths of the back garden. I worked all through the day till 3 pm until we left. We had one break for mince pies and tea and that was it.

We chipped the remaining paths, we cleared the areas of leaves which would otherwise make the entire area really mucky, we left areas of leaves for insects and hedgehogs, i was able to take a good look at the beds, gutters were cleared, mud was removed, notice boards were put up. I am always in awe of how much gets done when a few people get together. Sometimes i wonder what WOULD get done if even more people showed up.

After the day, i had a hot bath, something to eat and then just before bed, because i could not sleep i began designing the new beds. There was this idea that we would have a zodiac garden, but upon reflection, i think a garden based on the four elements, which is also based on the zodiac is more realistic. The first order of the day is the get the beds in a good condition. And then to start getting in plants. We are going to apply for funding to get these plants. But essentially, the earth beds will have something to do with bulbs and roots, the water beds something to do with leaves, the air beds flowers and the fire beds fruit. I began designing the beds... it will take about three years before it is all complete, but when that happens, it will be very beautiful. Hopefully we will get the money.

The moon was full, is almost full, and i could not sleep. I kept on thinking about the beds and the various plants. I consulted a book on biodynamic gardening, i looked at the plants in it. I thought about the work that needed to be done first, and then through the year. How would we look after the place. I was very grateful for new parents who had joined the school which had made thinking about this possible.

Working with the spirit is a physical thing. This is because our spirit bodies are the ones which work our physical bodies. Our spirit bodies control our physical bodies - this is something which was brought home to me by a question Ghin asked me the other day - Mom, how do we move? What makes us move? My answer to him was, that is a good question Ghin, i wonder what makes us move.

But doing work means that we are helping the spirit body to enter us and this is partly why doing physical work makes us feel so good. Also i think that it also shows that if we are ill it is more than just about a physical problem - it is also a spiritual problem - this is why placebos work. The reverse is also true - if we are mentally ill, if we have a nervous breakdown, it points to something which has gone wrong with our physical selves. This goes some way to explaining for me at least why illnesses like PTSD are helped by activities like gardening.

Gardens do not just transform a place, they also transform a soul.

I have been in really good shape since i joined the school. Partly because of the work we do outdoors. We do so much work physically. We cook, clean, wash, garden, tidy - we connect deeply with the cosmos and the earth. It is spirit work which we do. Recently i attended a session of earth meditations. It was very powerful, and i enjoyed it. However, i also am aware that i connect to the earth through working with it. When we work in a very conscious way with this precious top layer of the earth, we are performing this ancient ritual. This is a ritual which goes back several millennia. For as long as we have lived on the earth we have had to be with the earth. The earth has sheltered and loved us. The earth has borne us. Our relationship with the earth is so intimate, so tender. It pains me to know that we have changed this relationship so much to one of exploitation - what can we get from the earth. One where living is no longer the evidence that we have succeeded, but that money - how much we have profited from it - and how much we have made has become the thing which has become the primary definition of our relationship with the earth.

The next grounds day will be in January. Hopefully we will be able to start planting the garden. Already i know that the plants in the beds need to come out - they all need to come out - but this needs to be done, one at a time. Slowly...

And there is time. Gardening with the zodiac means gardening with the universe. The universe takes its time, the universe is now and the universe speed into the future. Gardening with the zodiac makes the most sense to me. As they say, as above, so below. It is good to be part of that.

It is good to wake up early and write and blog. Things seem very possible. I was sitting in a cafe in Belfast on Saturday and i was planning a few things. A few things have come to light really - and it all gave me great comfort to know it was fundamentally ok. It will be ALRIGHT. This is what we all have to remember all the time. It will be ALRIGHT and work towards that. We may get tired, we may lose our way, we may even disappoint ourselves and others, but it will always be ALRIGHT. We are the masters of our fate, the captains of our destiny, the world is wide and filled with wonder. The Human and Animal Main Lesson keeps reminding me of this. We live in world filled with wonder. We must hold on to that no matter what, to remember it is mystery crammed and life itself is the path we have chosen to tread.

We chose this, we have a purpose. We are beautiful. We are good. All of us, every single one of us - we just need to remember it.

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