Saturday, 24 October 2015

When worlds collide

Last week my previous life and my present life collided in a completely unexpected way.

But first, here are some stunning blackboard paintings by Gabriel, the Class Two teacher. Gabriel is making her way fourth time round as a Class Teacher. There is nothing which Gabriel does not know. I am being totally serious.

A blackboard drawing of St Martin by the Class Two teacher, Gabriel
Class Two is learning to read in lowercase and join up their writing
Amazing stuff. So simple and so effective.

Launch of the wildlife crime campaign
So in my previous life, i used to be the PR person for the RSPB. During this ten year stint, i worked with the Partnership Against Wildlife Crime as the RPSB was part of that organisation. I remember working with everybody to start this initiative in Northern Ireland. Every other month we would put out a press release about bats or birds or poisoning, something like that. I would try and herd a few conservation cats to get it together. It was great fun. However last Friday i got a request that our class take part in the launch of this new initiative of this organisation. It was going to be a press launch and the Minister for the Environment was going to be there. Would the children be up to asking a few questions.

Now in case you think that i did this because i was a media hound, i would like to deny this. I agreed to this because we are doing the zoology main lesson very soon and our role as caretakers of the environment is a very important part of the story. This was a great way to help the children understand this - and it was also a fantastic introduction to a campaign.

So my two worlds collided - Steiner school teacher and Conservation PR.
In my other life
This was a familiar sight in the past...

I saw so many old faces. Which, like me, now looked older. Some people i completely did not recognise. Some people i had to look at twice. I chatted and caught up with some people. I made new contacts. It was really interesting to be back in that loop again for one brief afternoon.

And the day before we were doing this... turning pumpkins into soup... and street food...

We make sopaipillas
I have to say that the thing i love MOST about being a Steiner teacher is learning something new everyday. Literally. I mean on Wednesday i learnt to make sopaipillas. On Thursday, i learnt to organise three classes to muck out compost and clean out a garden.

Very seriously we cut the dough
The results are amazing
Pumpkin soup and fried bread for the soul
Yum yum - Chilean street food in Holywood Co Down
I loved my time in the RSPB, i did. And it has really helped me work with the Zoology Main Lesson. Most of my holidays are going to be spent preparing this Main Lesson. Lots of organisation and research.

So it goes... i can't believe i have chosen the worst day in seven weeks to start my running again. Typical.

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