Sunday, 11 October 2015

When to stop it

The seven seals - when we choose death, not life...

Yesterday i was thinking about my blog yesterday because i used the H-word. Which is more disturbing than the F-word. The H word i never ever use because it is without redemption. Unless you change your heart and stop hating. But of course there is something pathetic in trying to continue to love an addict. I mean you can love them, but i think you cannot condone what they do. And if that addict is going around and pushing drugs on other people - in fact bullying them into taking the drugs - then i think there is a point when you have to call it like you see it.

Singapore is the addict. It is addicted to this form of growth which demands the destruction of the Earth. And they are not content with a little bit of destruction. No their vision is complete and utter annihilation. There is no negotiation with this mindset. Saying oh i LOVE you, LOVE will heal it - oh dear, you are misguided my dear poppet. No. Make no mistake Singapore and the people who side with that form of development are not three year olds who have taken a biscuit from their younger brother. No. They are cold, calculating and completely without self awareness which means that they can happily justify their actions, no matter how destructive or perverted, with reason. Oh look at these stats. We cannot give very poor people money or else it is an economic catastrophe. But however, we can bail out billionaires because if we don't civilisation as we know it will fall. Oh we cannot stop the persecution of the indigenous people in the rainforest - people who have been shot at, beaten up and killed because they tried to defend the land which is their only source of life - BUT we can turn a blind eye to the robber barons who cut down these eco systems which only sustain the entire planet for profit that they do not require. Maybe we will have some kind of light show and look as if we are slapping their wrists. Then when everything literally blows over it will be business as usual.

That kind of behaviour is hateful. It is obscene. It is without redemption and i will be damned if i take the approach of taking these assholes on my metaphorical knee and saying oh my, maybe you could not do this again the next time. I am no longer inclined to mince words. So please, do not invite me to any polite dinner party, because if there are assholes there i am not inclined to be polite.

Also, they have shown what a bunch of dickheads they are. I quite like the way they can be perfectly ruthless when it comes to telling lies and whipping up fear. See Jeremy Corbyn. See the war on terror. See how they treat Muslims. They are awful. The worst in humanity. There is no point saying, oh i am better than they are so i will not descend to their level. I AM better than they are, most of us are, and damned right, i will not descend to their level. But i will be fit to be tied if i do not call the truth as i see it. Which is that they are people without a conscience. People who cannot think.Who cannot join up the dots. Who only have self interest at heart. Who essentially don't care that they are destroying the future of everyone, including theirs.

And they cannot say - oh i did not know either. No. They have PR people who actually look at an issue which is shit and then go, this should be your answer. For instance, the breakdown of the MRT. I will bet you any money good dosh was paid to Burson Marsteller to come up with the genius idea of saying that if you criticise the MRT it is like spitting at the national flag. We have to link Singapore's plebiness to the MRT and we do this by pasting pictures of the maintenance people all over the place. Then we say, oh if you complain you are blaming poor Ahmed. If you complain, it is like swearing at our athletes. It is pure manipulation. It is like being trapped in a relationship with a horrible bully. Some kind of abusive parent. I can see the PR meeting they had and the money they had to spend on this. The tragedy is that Singaporeans will totally buy it. They will. And that is more or less why i have given up on Singapore. I hate it and i hate what it stands for. This numbness, this standing by, waiting to be shipping off like Boxer, cheering Napoleon to the very end, like some kind of faithful party comrade.

So yes, i do not think love will actually benefit anyone. It is like being some kind of abused spouse and saying, oh i just love him, really i ah do. I do not love this kind of behaviour. I do not condone it. I do not think it is acceptable and i do not know why the hell i should pretend that i do otherwise. Singapore is a horrible place which makes people do horrible things. It makes people put up with horrible things. And the worst bit is that they never know when to stop. Never. They can't stop themselves. And that is the definition of an addiction. I look at their parks and really i don't think, oh that's nice. I think, that is pathetic. I really do. So i don't know why i should say it is nice because that would be patronising. The beaches are infested with agas. They are filled with litter off boats. The sea water is a soup of bacteria. The green spaces are soulless and dull - or under threat. The housing estates all look the same. The schools are sausage making factories. The income is not distributed equally. People eat overpriced, perfectly tasteless food who provenance no one can stand over unless you grow it yourself. Everything is super expensive. The middle and lower income groups struggle daily. Everywhere is so overcrowded that why the hell would anyone go anywhere. The public transport system - from being world class five years ago is now creaking at the seams. The children are stressed and neglected. It is subsidised by slave labour. I mean need i go on? Unless you live in the 1% can you really enjoy Singapore. Life in Singapore is stressful, pointless, boring and tedious. It is an endless meaningless cycle of work and consumption - apart for the very few - who are probably regarded as mentally ill (or losers) when they say they don't want to do this anymore. There is no point in pretending it is anything else.

And after seeing that video about that SG50 thing in MBS, i am no longer inclined to pretend it is anything else BECAUSE you know what, no one in power in Singapore has taken the trouble to find another way. They do not think they could be a tiny bit wrong. Nope. They are always and will always be right. And they will drill and drill and drill away at the being wrong tunnel until it all collapses around their ears. Good. Great. Fantastic. If you cannot consider another opinion then i have no obligation to consider yours anyway, which is a destructive, catabolic, necronomics. The only hope is that there is an enormous catastrophe which results in the entire system falling apart and having to restart again. There is no other way out. Bring out the seven seals. Because there is no will to find another way. And that is the only way for it all to stop.

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