Sunday, 25 October 2015

Shooting in the dark

My camera is gone i think. Well i know it pretty is much gone. A few days ago the display gave up and now i have no idea if i am taking any good pictures at all. I suppose you could call it chancing your arm photography....

The view from my room
I do not know if my camera has taken the photo nor what i have taken - so i don't know if i should repair it or replace it. Either way i am quite upset. Everything seems to be breaking down on me.

BUT be that as it may, yesterday i spent the evening in The Narrows, listening to the winner of the Maison aux thingy heritage gardens competition. He is now gardening in Helen's Bay Walled Garden and i think that maybe i may get together with a few people in the area and try and turn our gardens into biodynamic gardens. It could happen. There is a real impulse in the area to warrant a few of us getting together and getting started. Must chat to someone about this...

Oh the gorgeous Brent Geese

The SILENCE - that is what i love about the place

Simple, beautiful rooms at the Narrows Social

Photographs of the sky i will doubtless take unless i get the camera fixed

I think the camera is also now jumbling up the order of the pictures....

Could be an artistic endeavour

Once in a while now... that perfect shot
So, i have now gone for two runs, had dinner at the Narrows, caught up with LOADS of people - it was very odd suddenly seeing lots of RSPB people one day after the other. I met an ex-colleague and we chatted about old times and new times. And then i suggested that maybe we could use The Narrows as shelter during our trip to Strangford and Celia has now said we could do a couple of days - an over nighter with a possibility of doing some cooking for the children - making pizzas possibly. I could keep the costs down and bring our own ingredients. That could happen.

Today i went running in Belvoir Park for the second time in two days. Plus the trip to Strangford sandwiched in between, i had the feeling of living in a very ancient landscape. The geese, the tides and then the ancient forest of Belvoir. There are yew trees there which are so so old, since the first neolithic settlement there. I remember when i first ran through the place and wished i knew the names of the trees - their species and now i do. I could say, that is a chestnut, that is sycamore, that is beech and birch and oak, of course, and that is holly and that is hawthorn. I may not know my birds too well, but i can tell the trees apart really well.

It feels like things are coming together very naturally, without having to force things. I sort of like that.

This week is all about getting the house clean, getting organised for Oisin going away, getting admin done... it will be very busy, but also running everyday and being focused about the coming Advent festival. Oh god, i have to write an article. I have just remembered... must do that now...

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