Saturday, 10 October 2015

It is never a good time

It is never a good time to start talking about our mistakes... so let me begin with the haze...
This, estimated to give BACK to the grid or...
this ... does anyone know what the carbon footprint of MBS is?

The fucking haze. Oh the fucking haze. It frustrates me sooooo much. The sheer incompetence and stupidity of the governments of ASEAN. Their corruption and self interest. All these years and they could not sort out the issue with the haze and now since the low lying fruit of a burning rain forest is gone and people are now burning and draining peatlands!!!???? so the haze is now getting worse, they then get in on the act - of finger pointing and blaming each other.

I can't speak for the Indonesians, but the Singaporeans are soooo annoying. Uh, why can't they share their maps? Uh.... Uh why won't they let us in their air space???? Uh??? Why are the indonesians like that??? Uh???? Singaporeans are placing the blame on the Indonesians when really everyone is implicated in the haze. I went to a Green Drinks meeting about the haze when i was in Singapore. There were something like 40 people. Ironically held in the NTUC centre in the CBD. The organisers said, oh there is no one here because the haze is not affecting Singapore. It is kind disappointing they said. Less than three weeks later... and the haze is now there and the complaining never stops! If Singaporeans were happy to feel sod all when the wind was not blowing in their direction, surely they should still be happy when the wind is now heading in a North Westerly direction. It is NIMBYism on a GRAND scale.

Can people not see that the ridiculous over the top unsustainable development they have in Singapore is directly linked to the poor air quality, the pollution of rivers and lakes, the destruction of natural habitat? Can they not see that? It is nuts.

The self-interest which governs people's lives is so frustrating. If anything points to the failure of universal education in Singapore it must be the lack off being unable to join up the dots thinking. I remember once i was speaking to a friends when i visited them in Oxford and they told me, well, you know this guy - a President's Scholar from our batch - he said, why did they bother sending me to Oxford. I could have learned everything in Singapore if they just faxed me everything. THAT is the thinking you are dealing with. A person who has had good grades but who cannot AT ALL fathom the connection between a lived experience and a book one. So this other person said, they should have just kept him in Singapore and allowed someone who could see the importance of coming here to be here instead.


I was going to make this a happy post and then the haze happened.

I cannot understand why people cannot say - oh we fucked up - sorry - we need to make this better. The first step to AWARENESS said Anthony de Mello is to admit that something is wrong. If you cannot admit that something is wrong then there is NO CHANCE of fixing it. I would like to add to that - no one can make you see that something is wrong - you have to do that for yourself. And then once you admit something is wrong you have to change it - or live with it. BUT the most difficult part is admitting you are wrong. Especially if you don't feel safe. Or if you are directly responsible in fucking it up in the first place.

Anyway, Singapore's model of growth and development is completely fucked up. I don't know which politician is the one with the BALLS to say so. Or ovaries. And they are gonna have to be pretty damn big. It is as far as i can see unfixable as long as they stay in the thrall of the monomaniacal tycoons who only want to enrich their largesse for enrichment's sake. . I don't know how they are going to sort it. It is a complete mess.

Unless.... they start sorting it one housing estate at a time. It could be done. It could be done. They could say, we are going to start becoming a low impact society. This bit here - we are going to build the first zero energy, zero waste, child and elderly and wildlife friendly. People will be able to sit in the shade of trees or look after their gardens that grow fruit and jamu or look after a native tree nursery. It may be a set of flats, but it is built to the highest specs with the best of contemporary vernacular architecture and there will be more than just organised sport and shopping to do. It is possible. Schools for younger children will be based on a Waldorf model with lots of classroom activities outside, a lot of handwork and lots of story telling. There will be plenty of opportunities to play games and explore the concept of boredom or self entertainment. Students have the possibility of learning of the dignity of work - a well laid path of cobble stones, or little houses, or put on plays or climb a wall... perhaps develop a project which helps other people - befriends the elderly - you know it could all happen. All we need to do is shift the focus. Surely Singapore must be rich enough to be able to say we can afford now to try and create what is right for us and for the Earth. If Singapore cannot do it, because it is so rich and so centralised, i don't know who can.

Why does the government still work for the bad guys, the corporates, the superrich? Was that not once a deal that had to be made with the devil for a short time? A means to an end... not an end it itself?

I smell of woodsmoke cos i did not wash my hair after the fire yesterday. It is another unseasonbly warm October morning. Much needs to be done. Clothes, mostly.

Well let's do it! Here is to weekends!!!!

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