Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Morning light

It is a stunning morning. The entire sky is gold and lilac. I am sitting here gazing at it through the windows, just over the fridge. My garden is subdued, hushed by the wonderful light. I can hear cars travelling in the distance. On the road beyond. I am so thankful for this sunrise. So thankful for the sunshine, Today after some piano playing, breakfast for the boys. School, to finish the blackboard and blackboard drawing, the final touches to the classroom, which will take an hour or so, and then preparing the boys for school tomorrow, which means stopping over at Heidi's for supplies.

Then shopping for food supplies then back for more planning. It has been really difficult getting the form into the main lesson because it is the first main lesson. It is always like that. You spend ages doing the lesson prep, trying to imagine what it could be like, looking at the goals we must teach the children and then when you deliver the lesson it is nothing like the lesson you had planned. Because really the lesson is a synthesis between you and the children. But preparation helps because you would have thought about the material, learnt it inside out and then you can adapt it. I cannot complain, my class is so small, and the children are so interested in learning, i really cannot complain.

Ah the light has already gone. That is the nature of light, eh? Here and then gone.

And it is back again.

Right - lots of work to be done. I can't wait to get the classroom in shape. Then after that, the boys, And the house. It has been almost a week with no wine, which is great, and i will start running today as well. I got running gear two days ago but something had always come up. I an struggling with the discipline of leaving something off, but i need to learn how to wind down. Like now. Oh the elections are just too exciting though. Can't wait to see where an old friend is standing. More friends to be so proud of. Having, in our own way asserted our individuality in the contexts that we have. I always think they were the stronger too because they could do this in Singapore. I could never have done that. It would have killed me.

Life is for living, isn't it? Hooray for life.

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