Monday, 21 September 2015

How did the garden grow?

Yes, when would be a good time to get the hair done?

I am feeling loads better today. Yesterday i wondered if there was a god? You know someone who looks after you? Who brings angels into your life. That makes it rain the moment you need to go home after a really good day of gardening.

My relationship to the school has been one which i would not have been able to predict. I arrived in it, with Oisin, when he was very small, for the Christmas fair. I had more or less decided that he was going here because of Steiner education which i had encountered elsewhere. To me, this was the future of education, it was the future of the world. The education which i had in Singapore had not made me or any of my friends happy. It was utilitarian and reductionist. At a time when as a child i wanted to embrace life, it told me to sit in the corner and generate exam results. If you were good at generating results your result was to generate MORE results - in fact, it was like Rumpelstiltskin - each room of straw getting larger and larger the better she spun the gold.

Anyway, as the years passed, i took part in things - in bits and pieces - it was very busy and also a bit chaotic. Finally, i took the teaching course. There was never any doubt that i would take the teaching course. And after i took it, i became a teacher, even though i wasn't sure if i would be a teacher at the end of it. But a teacher i did become. Last year i took on the Grounds Group. Well, i restarted the Grounds Group. By this stage, the garden at the back of the school was a massive weedy mess. We needed a place to grow our potatoes and leeks and things for the farming main lesson and going down to farms was not a realistic option. So i began in Class One with a small patch and sowed wild flowers. It was very successful. And then in Class Two we sowed wildflowers,began a herb spiral and at the end of the year, we planted some potatoes and leeks - which we harvested at the start of Class Three. However. in between, people had come along to help us dig up bits of the garden - just clearing it of weeds. It was not terribly organised, but it happened and the BIG thing we did was cover the garden in black plastic over the summer to stop the weeds from coming back.

In Class Three, when we did come back, we began to transform the entire thing by giving it structure. The Upper Classes designed a medieval garden and they transported cut logs down to the garden to create beds - there were now beds for herbs and plants and there were also beds for veg. In fact there were so many beds that it was now impossible to grow things in ALL of them.

We then had a plan to plant fruit trees and soft fruit. Which we did. We dug a path all round the beds and then it was summer. Coming back the place was overgrown with weeds... so the last three weeks have been spent clearing the weeds.

But YESTERDAY, the gods smiled as we worked hard - with real machines - to get the garden in one final push, into a proper shape. The place was made to look really really well as we did the hedges and the garden got a final clearing up. It now is ready for work in the winter - and harvesting, of course.

Sometimes, things just happen.

I am very happy... tired, but happy.

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