Sunday, 20 September 2015

Feck you retrograde

The natursiums, poppies, honeysuckle and love in the mist

My compost pile - a thing of beauty

Tidying up the parsley, verbana, and calendula

Strawberry plants and violas with nasturisums

The pond area - i have not seen any birds here lately

Cleared out the veg area

I bought this vase in Daimaru when it first opened... all those years ago....
The bay is going strong and the ivy just peachy
Potatoes have been harvested and eaten

I experience bouts of misery from time to time. I detest them because, well who likes feeling awful right, especially if it is for no discernable reason? However yesterday i spent most of the day in the doldrums and wondered what was wrong with me. I just lay about listlessly and complained about feeling awful. Why, my sons would ask me... i DON'T KNOW!!! i said. I went to bed super early and then woke up feeling loads better. I THINK it was because i have so much to do and just no time or energy to do it. However, when i realised this, i instantly felt better and got up and made coffee...

I did some gardening yesterday and realised that the garden needed to be put to bed for the winter. I also ot the boys to do some recycling. Oisin cleaned the conservatory. I am going to the school for a workday today.

And so it goes on.

I have to exercise, I know i spend a lot of time running around buy i need to exercise big time. Running ironically, or walking in a forest. I don't know what i am going to do. When i get back from school i am ready to do nothing. I can just about get dinner made before i slink off and lie down hoping that it will be 200 years before someone else wakes me up. It is just that tiring. I have no social life. At least i don't get grumpy which is what i used to do in Class One and Two when i got home because of the sheer will that i needed to try and mold the class. Now the children are so together, so sweet actually. They do it all for themselves.

Oh just discovered that Mercury went into retrograde yesterday. All is explained. Sooo annoying.

Well forewarned is forearmed.

I actually feel much better now that i know i am not going crazy.

Right. I am now going to do some housework and then going to go to school early to get ready for the workday. There is now very little to do in the back garden beyond maintaining it.

And that just about sums up my life now - it is all about the maintaining of it. All the major things have been done and it is just maintaining - not that i am complaining, because dear god, i could be fleeing from Apache attack helicopters - but instead i am leading the quiet life. Please, i am not complaining - i am deeply deeply grateful for all the love and beauty i have surrounding me. It has been a weird year here weather wise. Cold and more cold - lots of rain in the summer and then cold and dry in the autumn. There have been no fruit worth writing about - and the wildflowers, except for places which are suntraps have done really badly.

Oh some super good news!!! My compost heap has been working away and from four weeks ago it has halved in size! So, yes! my new composting technique has so worked. In case anyone is wondering, here it is...

5th layer: green clippings
4th layer: Seaweed soup - poured over (or chicken droppings)
3rd layer: Brown compost - leaf litter and old compost, if you have any
2nd layer: Kitchen compost - only uncooked veg, no meat, no cooked veg
1st layer: Green clippings
Lowest layer : Branches - to let air in

It is really worth the effort in getting this right because it means that the whole pile just sinks into thr ground as soon as it gets going. In a few days it was being attacked by insects. Oh and one more thing - you MUST water it regularly and i have put a fleece of real sheep's wool over it, it keep the heat in. Yes, SERIOUS compost pile. Heh, off now... to lead my normal, uneventful, thank god, life.

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