Tuesday, 29 September 2015

9 to 5 laundry

My sons go through a LOT of clothes. This is understandable. As boys who are encouraged to do whatever the hell they like when they are in the great outdoors this means that everything they wear is often covered in some kind of mud/grass/whatever stain by the end of the day. They come home and they put their clothes on the floor - at some point i will yell and tell them to put it in the laundry. And thus it goes. Doing the laundry would be easy - but for one thing - the absence of the sun. And the presence of rain. If there is no sun, it means that things don't dry - and if there is rain it means that everything gets wet again. So more often than not we have laundry hanging on our doors, radiators, backs of chairs. It takes about three days for anything to dry. The back up ensues.

(Yes i have no tumble dryer.)

By the end of the week there are several laundry loads of clothes and it feels as if another dimension has opened and it is now using my laundry basket as well. In a parallel universe, that Stephanie is encouraging her sons to use their TARDIS to get me to do their washing. If i can find her i will punch her in the face. Anyway, it is a piss take by the time we get to the end of the week. I will have one load of laundry done. One load sitting in the machine for more than 2 days and about three loads sitting in the basket laughing at me. Swine.

However, this weekend, the weather was phenomenal. It was unseasonably excellent - and as a result i was able to get four loads done and thereby caught up on ALL the laundry. As i matched the last pair of socks, i was feelin mighty smug. Take that you feckin laundry. Then i was also able to garden, of course, as well as cook two meals and also clean the kitchen. That is some productivity i tell you. And when i had done all that housework my depression lifted and i felt much happier.

It is weird how the full moon was a moon of two halves. Before the full moon, the entire week leading up to it, the weather was shite and i was miserable. I thought maybe i should just book that ticket to Mars. Surely they want some gardeners. Look at Jason Bourne, pretending to be a gardener. I could do a better job. However, on the night of the full moon, the weather had been going for a few days now and i got all that work done and the lessons planned - i was so happy i felt it was wrong to be so happy. Admittedly i did feel a bit happy the previous week, but this was plenty happy - which is always great and when i feel plenty happy i always try and return the feeling to the matrix of the universe.

The other thing is that for some wonderful reason, governments have actually decided to listen to the people. Here in NI fracking and GMOs have been banned. Also the Arctic drilling has been abandoned by Shell. There is now considerable pressure on Indonesia to sort out the destruction of their rainforest and the companies have now been put on the backfoot. Maybe people power is working. Or maybe politicians are becoming less greedy and more smarter. Who knows?

I was wrong about people power clearly - this does have an effect. Or maybe they are running scared. I wish they just did the right thing in the first place and let the rest of us get on with being creative. It is so tiring constantly having to push and push and push them to do the right thing in the first place.

It is Michaelmas today. We celebrate it in school. As usual i was thinking about how nice the school looks now. The garden at the back finally in some kind of shape and the building looks clean, if not a little bare. But it looks great. And we have this huge skip at the back which means that things are being thrown away. It feels fantastic. Bit by bit it is experiencing this renewal and it makes me feel great to be part of the process.

I have now come to the conclusion that you can plan until the nth degree but there will always be people who will just not get it. Yeah you can say all kinds of things, but people will look at you blank in the face and just go wha-? It doesn't matter. As long as i know this. That there will always be things that fall through the cracks. Nothing can be controlled completely. I know this, but i also need to KNOW this.

So TODAY we end school early. This means i get to hoover my mom's house and just kick back and spend time there. I think i might get the strimmer sorted too so i can strim the place myself. I feel like i have loads of energy - that moon has really made such a big difference. It is very odd. (Considering this time last week i thought i was going to die.) And then i will do more lesson planning. Yesterday we completed the poem by adding the accents into the piece. Rhyme, rhythm and devises - the children wrote the poem, with some help from me - and they saw the process of poetry writing. How it was painstaking and how it slowly came together. And of course it was also important to use different words... trying it out like clothes to see if they fit. Does this sound better or does this sound better? Is that what happened? It was really nice to write a poem about a Norse myth as well - because there is such a tradition of sagas in poems - i read so many excerpts out of the Poetic Edda after we had completed our own work. Maybe today i will get them to do what a foolish man and a wise man would do. That would be fun!

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