Monday, 17 August 2015

There is always hope

When people say to me there is no hope, i say, what are you talking about? How can you say there is no hope? As long as there is blood in your veins and breath in your body, you have a DUTY to hope. There is no hope because the door is shut and earth is dying and there is plutocracy and the governments are corrupt and there is famine and hunger and and and... yes of course there is. No one said that life on Earth was going to be a walk in a park. Did they say, well you have come to the Earth, now you can just sit back and enjoy yourselves because you know... it is going to be just perfect, simply perfect. Er no. There is general consensus across ALL mythologies and sacred stories and creation tales that we fell from grace. That there was paradise - or after creation there was paradise - and then it got messed up. That generally we are made from mud (not gold), and that we were put here to suffer. To be baffled, feel hunger, be cold and miserable, be attacked by insects and creatures, to be naked and helpless and to have a fairly crappy time of it. That is the base line. So i think it is really important that we get this right first.

After that, everything is a bonus. In fact, that is the point. The point is that in addition to being crapped on from a great height, we also have this tremendous capacity to love, laugh and to be extremely wonderful and inventive. We have this double edged sword called love which we have no idea how to use. It is as if the Creatrix said, we are going to give the most resilient, the most beautiful, the most wonderful inhabitants of the Earth the worst possible time. They are going to be their own WORST enemy. OR they could be BEST friends. And then they just sat back and bought the popcorn.

I recently read something which Steiner said in a lecture. He said, please do not think that things are going to be resolved. They are NEVER going to be resolved. There is never going to be a time when we will have had things sorted. In fact if we ever think that things are sorted, that is the point when it will unsort itself. So just get used to it. Always work with soul. Work with humility and work with compassion. Work with love. Work with real thought - REAL thinking - work through feeling. Work practically. Never let ideas just be ideas. Work with each other. Work for the middle ground. Work with balance. Know that higher beings work with you. Be of good hope.

Research is now showing that there is a hidden world. A world that works with our thoughts and feelings. A world which responds to us. A world which knows love or fear or hate - and world which we are sole determinants of. They call it the quantum world. In the past it was called spirit. And it is beginning to be slowly understood that it is from this world that our world of the physical precipitates from - that is why thought and thinking is so important. Warm thinking in particular. Because we create the physical world from this unseen one.

So when people say, like James Lovelock, there is no hope. OK, you can think there is no hope, but really then you have given up. It is well within your rights to give up. That's ok. However, you need to admit, i have given up because i am too... bored, tired, fed up - but you must then say but please don't YOU give up. Keep going and when when i am ready i will join in again. It is incumbent upon us all to continue hoping and hope, which is nothing less than the future calling to us, will make the present. And what kind of future do you want that to be? One filled with violence and destruction, or one where we are able to connect with each other in freedom?

Also what is the point of hope if everything is going well? We do not hope if things are going well. We say, things are going well. Good. We only hope when things need to be better. When we see injustice and unfairness. That is the point of hope.

So we must never ever be afraid to dream big while doing the small things. Like the farmers in El Salvador who have seen their land go to ruin - well, they are now turning to agroecology to do restore the land - and it is working. The rainforest - well - we must never give up hope - even if one day we do not have real rainforests left and if the animals are no longer there... we must remember that we have a planet to take care of - millions of animals were made extinct before we arrived and millions more will disappear despite our efforts - the important point is that we do the restoration work, the rebalancing, because it must be done - it may be too late for the extinct frog, but it is not too late for the snail which is about to lose its habitat. And it is certainly NOT too late to make sure that whatever comes after does not fuck up the environment even more.

And one day money will be no more. Because it would have outlived its purpose. One day people will see through its illusion, as they are doing now, and return to what is real. The plutocrats, the superrich, those whose lives and egos depend on the rape of the earth, they will be vanished because people will no longer assist them. They will say, enough, no more, we go no further, because we have understood another world is possible. The ones you have built are not good - you had your time, your experiment and we didn't like the results. Each of us is sovereign and we have discovered hope and we now live in it.

So be of good cheer. The darkest hour is before dawn - and really, even if it gets darker we are not to lie down and die before it is our time. We slog on. Because that is what we were born to do. With good grace, with humour, with laughter, with honesty, truth and integrity - and most of all we walk on, with love. Because that is what we were born to do. No one said it was going to be easy.

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