Monday, 31 August 2015

The Great Experiment

Krisna and Arjuna - the call to live

So my life is an experiment right? I mean all our lives are. What is the point of living a life which someone else has set out for you? Their idea of how your life should be. It is pointless. It is YOUR life, not THEIR life. But being experimental means taking risks and also being open to the results that come in. Sometimes i am not very good at either. No matter. However, at this time of the year, i am always filled with the old time religion. This is because i have just come back from Singapore, almost lost my mind in the melee, and therefore have managed to take some stock and go - well this is what i should do.

Yesterday we had home made blackcurrant juice from blackcurrants in our garden, and we also potatoes i had harvested. The herbs all came from the garden - which i had hacked back and is now some way to becoming a sensible place again. And i have been busily working to tidy up in the house to create head space, because i can't have head space if i don't have real space. I have managed to get the boys to adopt the living and the hall as well as their bedroom - i am in charge of the kitchen and the dining room and the garden. Peter is doing the toilet and the conservatory. The whole idea is to declutter the place by Christmas. I had them adopt because i said, there is no way i can do this whole house myself. If we are to move this on anywhere it needs to be a collective effort.

So far it seems to be working. We managed to sort the house out yesterday.

Now for the bins. That will be done in two weeks time... i mean it will all be finally resolved then.

Lately i have been thinking about the matrix. The matrix does exist. Because i can feel it. It is not The Matrix, but the protective covering of the Earth. It is very hard to perceive in the place like Singapore, but in Ireland, it is much more obvious. This matrix is the spiritual aura that coves the Earth and looks after it - it needs to be fed and nourished and it is up to all of us to do this. So when i am lying in bed and my head is spinning with stupid things, i now interrupt it by thinking about the matrix and offering it love. Just offering it love is enough. You don't need to do anything else. To feel that connection to this golden space and place - and when you do this, you also receive love in return. You don't have to want it, it just replenishes you. This is very good if you want to stop worrying, if you are being kept awake, if you feel hopeless, if you think that you are rubbish, if you have all this emotion that you need to displace. Think about the matrix, close your eyes, see the Earth as this ball surrounded by golden glowing light. See yourself with this beam of golden energy - coming from you, going into the matrix and immediately you will begin to feel calmer, breathe more easily. You will become more relaxed, more chilled. At peace. And then you will be able to do what you need to do. Fall asleep. Get up and take a shower. Make some breakfast. Turn off FB and get some real work done. This wonderful device reminds you that you are connected, that you can connect to the Earth and the Earth will give you the strength to do what you need.

It is a living entity, there is no doubt.

So today, after some writing, i will start doing some planning and then it is off to school where i will get the classroom prepared finally. When this is done i am heading out to meet a friend. Then it is back for more planning. It feel a bit guilty because i did all my classroom prep before i left so there is nothing i really need to do beyond the blackboard drawing. Everything is now in the classroom.

Doing what we do... what we need to do, with love and gratitude. With purpose. With necessity.

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