Monday, 10 August 2015

Singapore at 2,500

There is no real analysis in Singapore. Not really. Not in the mainstream media certainly. I wonder if this is because Singapore is so physically small that this is echoed in the mental and spiritual space as well. The thing though is that most of the mainstream commentary is so painfully poor that is it impossible to take seriously, or not have some kind of inner groaning when you read it. HOWEVER, of course there are always exceptions to the rule. In a place where it is all about bowing and scraping and being on some sort of money ladder, there is Bollywood Veggies, which is an urban farm run by the completely irreverent Ivy Singh, who always reminds you she is descended from real life warriors and she will take men for prisoners and have them for breakfast. If there ever you wanted to see what a pirate queen must have looked like, you could do worse than Ivy.

On her land, she has created a farm, which grows fruit and vegetables, she also has a little shop, and a cafe and ponds... it is pretty awesome, considering this is Singapore. And it isn't a pretty neatly turned out garden, it is not the Botanic Gardens. It is wild and ordered and simple and fantastic. I went there with two friends and the boys for breakfast. It was a good way to celebrate this day.

Tien Yi pointed out this bamboo bike that was cycled around China

The cafe and walkway
I love the way things are low key and they are necessary. So much of life in Singapore is unnecessary. It is just over the top and pointless. Here everything was both beautiful and it made sense. It was practical and low impact. No matter what Singaporean politicians want to this, THIS is the future. Low impact, simple, and beautiful. It is what will sustain the soul and the earth. And the sooner they realise this, the better it is going to be for everyone.

There you have Ivy's take on many Singaporean campaigns and treatments of the environment

Simple and clean - yes, another world is necessary and possible

Then Prema invited us to go to her house to watch the parade...and fireworks
I find crowds really hard to take, to begin with. I am just an introvert. But also a hysterical crowd can be quite terrifying. Of course the crowd was not hysterical, but this sort of overwhelming groupthink is horrible. Question everything, and live your truth. That is what i think. There is no questioning in Singapore really, just plain acceptance of everything which is offered by the government. Because, mostly people don't believe in their own agency. They do not believe that they can make a difference, so their only choice is to just fall in line with everything else. Of course making a difference or following your own path requires a degree of courage and taking the risk. Things may not work out... BUT that is part of the journey.

But i came along to celebrate with my sister and her family and mine of course - that is what matters

Everything was FREE!!! There was free Milo and free MRT travel

The queues were long and the MRT was mega crowded
But i was glad that i did take part in it in some way. I do not believe in being a complete Grinch you know. If there is something there, it is good to see it, because how would i be able to form an opinion for myself if i was never there?

The fly past of the flag using a Chinook

Singapore is a military society... but this kind of development needs that kind of arming

I have always found the aerial display intimidating...
it always reminds me of the Apocalypse Now scene when the helicopters attack the Vietnamese village

I know it is an extreme ... but not so extreme if you think about the
real purpose of these machines

They had these F16 flying in a 50 formation

Then in a five star formation

The amazing view from Prem's balcony

My nephew who spent much of the evening marching up and down
saying Singapore! Singapore! Singapore! waving his free flag

And the fireworks.... which is everyone's favourite bit

Shock and awe anyone?

The kids LOVED it... i loved it too really...

Then we took the very crowded MRT home again

Ah Singapore!

Weird and wonderful... and completely crazy

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