Sunday, 2 August 2015

Serangoon Market and then, the Civic District

This morning i followed my mom to the Serangoon market 
I love going to the market - the noise and colour already does it for me

Then there is a sheer mind boggling variety of everything

Meat and veg

This shop ells noodles and tofu


Ginger, onions and potatoes

Despite being in the middle of a housing estate,
the place had a village feel, down to the palm trees growing
amidst the displays 


Papayas and rambutans


Dried goods - fish, prawns

Frying bak pok

My mom cutting beef for the ho fun

Later i took my children and my sister's children out to the civic district

We travel by MRT!!!!

It's pretty busy down there!

The last stop before Raffles Place

Stretching out

Acrobatics in the train

We emerge in the light - it is impossible not to be impressed with the place

There is public art everywhere

Customs house

OUE foyer

Typical National Day decorations.... in case anyone wonders why
i am obsessed with this whole Singapore is Great thing

It is everywhere - that's the thinker in the background

We walk to the Merlion Park which is filled with people and shops

Ghin was about to passout with the heat

The iconic shot of the Merlion in the 80s

Ice lollies!!!!!

Under the bridge

Jason Bourne

Wonderful shade in the heat

Walking to City Hall

We stop to observe the builders

City Hall decked out

Oisin and Aurelia looking at the Padang which has been covered up with plates

Lunch time!!!!


The children draw each other

Ghin draws something from his head

The fourth tiramisu


Picture of Lee Kuan Yew in the gallery

Weird wee things

Poems in the MRT - Hsein Min
was always a poet .... i met him more than 20 years ago
Great to see he is now a published poet

There is plenty of rain today. I had dinner at my sister's place and then after that we came home, utterly bushed. It has all settled into some kind of rhythm - and the boys and i are just enjoyiong ourselves.

I have more or less boiled what i find hard about Singapore - it is the constant exhortations to think that this place is the best. That it is the pinnacle of civilisation and that everyone in the whole world loves Singapore. Looking at all the propaganda, it is in fact like being trapped with the most narcissistic person you have ever met and there is not escape.

It comes across as delirious. I now have the task, for myself, of ignoring all the bullshit and enjoying myself for what it is. I don't know why it has taken me so long to work it out. Ignoring the bullshit. Why was i just rising to the bait? I mean what did i expect? Of course it was going to go into overdrive. I think that i am so used to regarding everything at face value, especially when i work with children, that i have developed a thinner skin, and so using this approach with a narcissist is just not going to work. It just encourages them to get under your skin.

The other thing is that there is no other way. None. There is only one way. Only one definition of success. A material one. I mean people pretend that there are measures here, but really there is only one. They praise this person and that person for their charitable nature, or being lovely and all that, but there is always the subtext of the oh poor thing. For instance, someone who is a busdriver or a builder in Ireland is not regarded as any less as a human being. Here they are seen as lacking in education, as if education has anything to do with the job you decided to do in the end, or a little less than destitute. There is of course the choice and freedom that education gives you, but who is to say that someone who trained as a doctor, in the end decides that he really wants to be a tree surgeon,.. Education gives us the ability to choose, but what we choose in the end, let that be something which is not judged upon.

So i have three weeks left and tomorrow i am heading for Malaysia for a few days. When i get back, it will be the home straight so i will just ENJOY this...

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