Saturday, 22 August 2015

Sentosa twice in two days

No cattle pens on Friday
One of my biggest regrets was not going to Sentosa more often when i was in Singapore. And to be honest, i did visit it more often than most. But not nearly as often as i should have because now it is a complete mess. Well, except that those who think that turning a profit is not a mess. If someone has to design a place to drive me out of my mind, it would be the Sentosa of today.

It is relentless - the noise, the people, the need for people to think they are to be entertained from point A to point Z. There is nowhere in Sentosa now, which is not the exclusive million dollar zone, where you can find silence.

Universal Studios
You have to wonder why people go to places like Universal Studios. To have merchandise completely shoved in your face at all times. My sons are of course children, or borderline children, so of course they think it is great fun. But what about the hordes of Korean women in their 20s and 30s? What is their excuse? They wonder around, made up to the nines, carrying selfie sticks and taking photographs with their cheeks sucked in and their fingers with the 'v' sign everywhere. And the weird thing is that i don't think people really see things anymore. They go about watching everything through their smart phones. Ignoring their children, if they have children.

This is Shrekland
I really did try very hard to get into the spirit of things. But after two days of being shoved about and just about able to contain the screaming, i have had enough of pretending. How can places like this exist when refugees are being shoved off boats to maybe never reach their destination? When children are being bombed in Syria? When there is so much destruction...?

Does Tower Records still exist?
To think that we have people willing to shell out money to build a place like this and not willing to shell out money for clean water and safe lodgings for those who are so desperately in need of it. I don't know if people ever go to Universal and are disappointed. I know that very young children find the place startling and bewildering. The noise and the grotesqueness is enough. Then there are the rides which make the Ten Courts of Hell in Haw Par Villa seem like a lark in the park. I saw a child crying hysterically on the Puss in Boots ride while her parents laughed at her. Ghin refused to go on most of the rides because they were too scary. Even the 'non-scary' ones. There were babes in arms who were round eyed with the shock of the noise - the entire place is blaring with 'themed music'. Like there is Shrek music playing all day at the highest possible level in Shrekland. And the same with Madagascar, and Jurrasic Park. I salute the people who work there. I know i am an introvert because i find the sheer crowds horrific. But i am also stimulated by my surroundings and there is far too much overstimulation in a place like this. I find it hard to imagine that people actually SEEK out the experience. Then of course there is the food, which is very expensive and awful in general. Everything is entirely over the top. In places like this the unreality of existence is suddenly thrown into great relief.

Oisin was the one who really wanted to come here

On our way to Jurrasic park

The Jurrasic Park ride
What i don't like is the way everything is based on FEAR. The Jurrasic Park ride was based on a dinosaur having been let lose. The Transformer ride was about being attacked by Megatron. The Battlestar Galactica ride was about being attacked by Cyclons. It is really telling the kind of propaganda that Holywood puts out now is about convincing us that the world is an unsafe place and that we are constantly running away from terrors. We are always underseige and we must hammer and attack everything as everything is waiting to hammer and attack us.

Ghin actually asked me if humans killed the dinosaurs.
I realised that he didn't understand that the dinosaurs lived long before we were here.

Waiting in line to take a photo with Evac

I used to love the Transformers...

The one empty spot in the park - but it was playing jazz music.

Are people so insufficient that they cannot be left
to be with themselves for one moment? Can there be a life which consists of
constantly chasing the next high?

Ancient Egypt - actually the Ancient Egypt site is the only really nice site
It may have something to do with the aesthetics of Egypt.


America Diner - each eating place was PACKED to the gills

The only ride Ghin really wanted to go on

Ghin is a quiet, gentle wee soul


After all that we decided to head to the beach
There was one nice beach in all of Singapore. It was Tanjong Beach in Sentosa. The waters were still relatively clear and there were few people on it because you had to walk quiet a great distance to get there. (About 500 m, which i know is not a great distance.) Anyway, there is now no quiet beach in Sentosa. Unless you are willing to pay millions of dollars for a house in Sentosa Cove.

Here is the Mambo Beach Club.
You pay lots of money for food and drink and you get to use the facilities, which include a shower and pool. There is constant music.

I do wonder if people would not spend the same amount of money
and go somewhere which is really nice - like a conservation project which
is not only an authentic experience, but has the opposite effect of
what these places do - they drain you these places, leave you alienated and exhausted.

At least here it was a bit quiet, although there was still music

The pool

The boys loved it dancing by the poolside

Day Two - just even more crowds, if that is possible

Honestly Sentosa, has it come to this?

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