Thursday, 27 August 2015

Learning the everyday

It was back to school today and slowly working up to the opening of school itself. I can't believe it is less than two days since i've got back and already it feels like i have never left. It's been great getting into the swing of things again. I can't wait to start doing my blackboard drawings, telling stories, cooking, gardening ... and doing the new curriculum - well new to me. 

I also cannot believe that this is the halfway point for me. I am now Class Four - and i have three years behind me. It was nice you know, in Singapore, i was asked if i would stay behind and be a Waldorf teacher. We need teachers here they told me. So, i think, if ever i needed to move back there would be a job waiting for me. I think it would be hard getting it up and running, but nevertheless... well... it is an exciting new frontier if i did go back when i complete my run here - that is if i would ever want to go back.

There is TONNES to be done. I need to get the festivals admin sorted. And then there is the classroom prep. I will basically be working flat out. And then there is the cleaning of the houses and doing the garden. There is so much, so so much to get sorted over the next few days - and the coming weeks and months.

I love meaningful anything. I have to admit, the life superficial and the life pointless does not interest me. Of course everyone has their own interpretation about what is pointless or superficial - so i should say to me. For instance, many people i am sure will agree that doing detailed chalk drawings which take four hours only to erase them eventually is a pointless exercise. They would also say that teaching children to bake is pointless because we can buy bread for much cheaper at the store. Gardening is a pointless subject to teach in school if they aren't going to be gardeners. Also spending time in nature is pointless because lawyers and doctors don't spend time in nature. I understand that much of my life would seem pretty pointless to people - but it is not pointless to me - and that is the point! :-) 

Right - time to continue with the Festivals Schedule. I am creating a definitive schedule from all the different dates and copies floating around and then i am going to input them into the calendar on the school's calendar - well, no i am not going to do that actually. I am going to then input them into my Year Plan and then into my dairy - my dairy is split into monthly and weekly and i am going to do that. Why do i do this so many times? So that i can remember the festivals eventually. It is a sort of memory exercise.

Then later on today after being in school, i will be unpacking my things. And then... think abouut what is the most urgent thing that needs to be done next.

The garden is certainly driving me a bit barmy.

But then there is the whole blackboard drawing thing which does not get done until i do the Main Lesson planning thing. Hmmmm.... So....

It has been so nice to be back though. I loved lazing around - ok semi lazing around - and being with family and being chauffeured all over the place or taking the MRT... walking all over Singapore, much further than most Singaporeans would walk in a month... somewhere, just round the corner, there is always adventure.

But now i am back, there is so much to be done. To live each day fully, with meaning. That is the point i suppose.

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