Sunday, 19 July 2015

River Safari, again

The road outside my mom's house
I went running today around the estate. I was ecstatic that i did not have a heartattack going up the Burghley Drive hill. In fact i was able to run all the way. Not very quickly, but run i did. I am going to run everyday for the next few weeks and by the time its all over i will be back to where i was when i left the last time in fitness and in tone.

It is now very hot in Singapore. Really, it is. I have noticed that a lot of the greenery looks a lot less green than it used to. Many trees are drying out - because it is much hotter.

At Uncle Gab's
My Uncle stays just behind us. He came over to ask us if we would go to the River Safari with him. The River Safari is part of the zoo and i really do not like zoos. But the boys wanted to go, so i had to go with them. Anyway, i thought i should just be positive about it and enjoy it.

Oisin and Ghin mess around

Uncle Gab's eclectic house

We arrive at the Safari - it is super busy although this shot oddly shows only Ghin

Uncle Gab and the boys mess around with a bronze statue of a Ghiral

A red panda

A real panda

Seletar Reservoir

The bridge i took the picture from

I feel quite inspired to find somewhere else to visit in the region again. Although the whole Indonesia by air situation is still a big mess with now TWO volcanic eruptions. I must get my head around planning things very soon. Probably tomorrow. We have now been in Singapore for a week and a half. It feels like i have never left this place.

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