Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The race

My skin feels awesome after three weeks here!

I have spent the last three weeks, more or less running. I love running. I don't know why. You could say the dopamine, the adrenaline, the seratonin, but there is something about running which make me very happy. Especially if it is in a really hot place, like Singapore - where i sweat and sweat and sweat.

I am now running about 6 km everyday, maybe 5.5 km and i am now doing 65 sit ups. I plan to be doing 100 sit ups by the time i leave and be on 10 km. Running now is also different. I don't really think very much about coming to the end. I just enjoy the run for what it is. Because i am on holiday, there are non real time constraints beyond the heat of the sun. I run at 6.30 am and i finish around 7 am. Then i do my sit ups. To this i will now add gardening till around 9 am, when it is too hot to garden any more. And then, a late breakfast.

I feel better and fitter than i have felt in years. I wasn't really running now for about two years. Not really. Well, three. First, there was my leg. I fell and semi-smashed my knee cap upon my return from Harapan. Then after that i just never kept up with the running. After that, one thing happened after another, lots of turmoil and change - now that things are back to normal, which i LOVE, please no more excitement in my life - i am back doing the running, which is great.

The running and tomorrow i am also adding some stretching as well as the gardening.

I decided last night, when i was feeling quite fecked off with life - i think that Claratyn is a mood changer by the way - and i thought, i need to get over this. It could also be my hormones, granted, but the important thing is that being fit, at the top of my game physically is what needs to happen. Because it is so good for me.

Singapore seems to have been transformed into a giant sports arena while i wasn't looking. Everywhere you go there are people in lycra, super expensive bikes, people running in T-shirts announcing half marathons and marathons, people just glistening with sweat. There are climbing walls and kayakers, there are people who are playing football and cricket. It is really something else.

When i began running around the Chartwell park, people told me i was mad. It is really so different now. As usual, i don't take anything to an extreme. And people here have all taken it to the extreme. Nevermind.

So, now i will do some gardening. I have no idea what to do about my mom's garden...

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