Tuesday, 28 July 2015

No nature

Hopefully we will be here in a week's time
There are only two places you can get a real nature experience in Singapore. One is Macritchie Reservoir, the other is Sungei Buloh. Both are not QUITE pure nature, but it is as close to nature as it gets.

I can tell you that after three weeks, i have having nature withdrawal symptoms. This is a really strange feeling of WANTING to be in nature, thinking of the destination - or non-destination - and then going, nah, because it is not really nature. It is like a grief in my heart, it is as if a part of me has died.

Please don't think i am being ungrateful. I am not. I love the sunshine, the poolside, the wonderful cultural places we can go to, the warmth of family and friends, but i also yearn for nature. I am now helping my mom with her garden, and that is ok, but it isn't wild nature right? I wouldn't even mind Cairn or Redburn Woods, which are not very high on the list of natural places, but at least it is nature. And i can tell you that the aura given off by these places is very calming and healing. I can see this now having been in Singapore solid for three weeks.

I really should have gone for that Indonesian holiday, but i was so worried about the volcanoes.

Anyway, i have asked someone about Tioman. I am going to Tioman if it kills me. Because i can't stay in Singapore any longer.

I did the garden and i am now going to do the garden again, till dark. Then i am going for a swim. Then i am going for dinner with my sister. I know, life is good. What AM i complaining about?

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