Saturday, 25 July 2015

Democracy in Singapore

For a new parliament, i was a bit surprised how very small and dark the new
visitor centre was
Yesterday we went to visit the new Parliament in Singapore. This most mostly because no one in the Parliamentary Secretariat would pick up the phone to answer my questions about MPs questions. I called three times and was passed around from phone to phone by an automated phone redirector and right at the end, i was cut off and no explaination was given. You'd think that people would at least say, we are sorry we haven't been able to help you or something. Anyway, i thought this is a GREAT time to go and visit the new Parliament building with my sons. So, off we went. We travelled by MRT, of course.

They were using this interactive display about the mace
So i got there and was shown this rather tiny box with no windows. This was the visitors' centre. Then i asked the person at the desk there, who was on her way out, if she could help me with my query. Oh yes, she helpfully said, and showed me the website of the Parliament records, which did not work. Dear god, the other console was not working AT ALL. Anyway, i got the information that i needed. But i would have to go home to try it out.

The rest of the display

I was not kidding about the absence of windows...
i suppose the Whitley Road detention centre also looks like this

Ole meets new - the building to the left is the Supreme Court

Oisin outside Parliament Building

Here is what it looks like from outside

The surreal Singapore skyline

The boys came up with the new rap...

It's all about the mace, bout the mac, bout the mac
Parl'ment's gonna hit you in the face, with the mace...

i did find it very funny

Then we went to Funan Centre, which was having a bouldering
competition. I can't believe how Singaporeans have
embraced climbing and bouldering.

Funan Centre is seven floors of electronica and anime 

The scene from the top

The City Mall MRT station

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