Saturday, 25 July 2015

Climbing the walls

Are we awake yet?
A traditional breakfast is roti prata. You can now have roti prata with anything. When i was their age roti prata came kosong (plain/empty), telur (egg), bawang (onion), or as a murtabak, which means it is no longer roti prata. Anyway, now you can have it with everything you have ever wanted and it is now done garing (crispy), which is not an improvement - unless you ask them to make it without oil (tak mau minyak.)

You the sardines are not for the roti prata although i am sure that you can ask for
roti prata with sardines now

This used to be Cardon kopi tiam. It is now RK Prata.
The place is 24-hours, which means you can get prata at 3.30 am,
if you so wish

Oisin has Milo dinosaur, which is a huge iced Milo with
Milo powder sprinkled on the top

Ghin is a strictly teh ping man
(iced tea with milk and lots of ice)

Prata plaster which is a new prata with a sunny side up egg -
which is like my perfect food

Prata and teh ping, marriage made in Singapore

Then we went to the Kallang Mall, using the MRT
This is the Lorong Chuan station

Here is the Stadium MRT station

Escalators that go on forever

At first i through these figures were sculptures

The new stadium
When i was in RJC, i was in the track and field team. Which was weird. Anyway, i ran the Nationals there and we practically lived in the National Stadium for about a week. We would hang out in the pits below and felt very much like nervous gladiators before going on. I found that before every race, people often felt like sleeping. So the most common sight, apart from seeing contestants limbering up and warming up, as seeing them sleeping on the floor, using their bags as pillows. It is now completely changed.

On with the climbing shoes
So the reason we were in the Kallang Wave mall was because they have the tallest climbing wall in Singapore and my JC friend, Tien Yi, was going to be there. Tien Yi has several degrees and has chosen to follow his heart and hands and teach climbing instead. He is very very good. He invited the boys over to do a spot of climbing with him, in the futuristic Kallang Mall.
That was NOT the highest wall

Warming up
You can now do an automated belay - this i have never seen before. It is awesome.

Oisin was up there before you could say bouldering

Ghin took a little longer

The automated belay system - tien Yi told me that
once a young person forgot to clip themselves into the belay and when they got to the
top, let go and fell off - he said, i was there i heard a loud thud.

Then Oisin climbed the Alice in Wonderland route - this was a much higher wall

Tien Yi belaying him

Tien Yi!!!

This is the highest indoor wall in Singapore

We had lunch in the NTUC Food Fare

Rose and lime cordial, with beef noodles

Oisin's turn on the big wall

He did this three times!

Almost there!

Belaying at the bottom

Ghin just enjoyed going to the top of this wall and dropping down

At the top!

Oiin belaying Ghin at the bottom of the wall

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