Saturday, 27 December 2014


Just decorated my new laptop. It looks great now. It is in the traditional Steampunk style and it says my name on the outside. I have to say it is great feeling creative again. There is definitely a link between cleaning and being creative. I think when i clean the clutter comes out of my head and more room is made for new things. So i cleaned the car, i wiped down the dash board and i cleaned out stuff. I can't believe how much stuff we have. It is just ridiculous. How can people accumulate so much unnecessary trash in their lives?

After this i am organising Ghin's cupboard.

I made it down to watch people swim in Helen's Bay. Swimming here was something i gave up on a long long time ago. I love swimming, and the whole idea of swimming for three minutes or less because of the cold seems like anti-swimming to me. But i think what people do when they swim here, or do anything with water sports at all here, is they are making a statement. Which is fine - just it's not swimming.

Swimming in this part of the world has a very limited life space. It does not matter where you swim - in a pool or by the sea, or in a lake or a river, the results are the same. Hypothermia. It is simply a question of time. Swimming in places like Singapore is, i suppose decadent, sensuous and liberating. You go in and then you come out and then you dry yourself in the burning sun and then you go in and out again - and you stay for as long as you like in the water and you could stay all day if you wanted to and you would NEVER get pneumonia or possibly die - only drowning... but yes, swimming is something i completely adore and enjoy and swimming here is not swimming.

I miss swimming.

Alright - i am going to clean Ghin's cupboard now. The boys are in Derry. I have booked myself in the wrong Cashel, but i think i will stick with it. We are going to Cashel Bay near Galway and it is going to be very lovely. There is a stud farm near the hotel and there are plenty of gorgeous walks which the boys and myself will partake of. Life, as they say, is good...

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