Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Deck chair rearranging continues...

Aged 6, Ghin is already a selfie expert

Well yesterday was a good use of time. I gave myself a talking to and then got organised. So now i am organised. I managed to even get an electrician to take a look at our boiler cable which i have to take a photo of because it has to be seen to be believed. Some bloke came to our house in the summer and refitted the boiler cable through the kitchen window resulting in us having to leave the window open. When person responsible in our house was asked why he was allowed to do this as the electrician was baffled at this, i was told, because it would cost too much money to have him drill through the wall. Anyway, thanks to a friend i now have an electrician coming to fix the cable. Hopefully it will be sorted. I have learnt that sometimes these things have a habit of just going on and on.

Also the garden is getting professionaly tidied. Was delighted when i saw the front bit all cleaned out yesterday. Will get it all done by today i should think.

I managed to practise some piano, did some writing, did some administration and filing. All in all it was time well spent - rather than coughing over the children and giving them my disease. Also happy to report that the coughing has abated.

I am now getting up at 4.30 am as i go to bed at 8.30 pm. It makes me happy to wake up so early. I am a morning person. I get to do lots of things which otherwise i won't be able to do as the rest of the day takes over. I get to make espresso coffee in traditional espresso maker. None of this nonsensical massive machine shit. I get to write. To think. To play the piano. I get to walk around the house when no one else has woken up and when the silence of the day is still in tact. It is like being the first person to walk on freshly fallen snow. That is what being awake before everyone else feels like for me.

I have also decided that my life is mostly wonderful and amazing and that i am very lucky to have everything i have. I am extremely grateful. There will always be stupid bits which i would rather not have present, but what the HECK...these things are SMALL POTATOES compared to some other terrible shit. Terrible shit will always be there and when it does arrive i honestly don't want to go, oh man, i wish i knew that when i was agonising back there - that was NOTHING. NOTHING.

Also i was reminded that i should laugh on a regular basis. Suffer fools gladly for after all i am a fool as well. Plus it will make my life easier.

Well can't wait to get back to school. It was a bit annoying that i did not get to tell them about Gilly the Goatskin getting the better of the Churl of Mischance. I love watching their reactions to the stories.

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