Thursday, 3 October 2013

Lost in bonkers tank leaking

The entire world seems to have gone completely bonkers. Well you could try and list the things that are bonkers, but probably number one on the bonkers list has to be the Fukushima nuclear plant which even as i write now is leaking radioactive water into the ground because the storage tanks for the water were so badly constructed and maintained that they are unable to store the water which was used to cool the spent fuel rods.

Are people completely barking when they develop this kind of technology? The state the world is in now has led me to finally believe that people who are in power and people who have money are actually nuts. How could they make decisions which have taken us so far into war, conflict, cruelty and fundamental instability?

To cap it off, if i have to listen ONCE MORE to people yammering on about climate change i will implode. Of course climate change is taking place but that is NOT THE POINT. Climate change is a red herring. The real issue is the basic fundamental unfair and unequal distribution of privilege acrosss the world. Climate change is a symptom of that. Just like wars are a symptom of that. Or infant mortality rates in so called developing countries. Or child poverty in developed countries. Famine and starvation in the world that has overproduction. Climate change is only one symptom of the bonkers systems in place, which the filthy rich and inethically powerful have developed for themselves. It needs to be sorted by, what appears to be at this stage, revolution, since those who have the capacity to so something about it have no awareness.

If you will not have equality, somehow you will be made to have equality. That is the fundamental law of the universe i'm afraid. Sooner or later something will give, the great reset button will be set, and we will ALL return to square one if this unbearable tension continues. Whether it is the planet that pushes this button or the Fukushima nuclear plant or we choke in the waste of plastic we have created, that does this for us, if the world leaders do not wake up we are ALL going to suffer for their lack of foresight brought on by a cocktail of greed and arrogance.

Meanwhile i can only do what i do which is look after those nearest to me and hope that this is going to be good enough. I have seen what the current systems in place are like now and working through any of them frankly is a waste of time. It is direct, on the ground, tangible work that is going to make a difference. If it is not being done by a pair of human hands it is not going to be done at all. Green papers, white papers, lobbying, advocacy - it is all a pile of nonsense now. It used to be that maybe it could make a difference. Now it is simply a ploy to keep those who have power in the illusion that they have it. Nothing changes unless we create that change ourselves.

And that change is nothing without love. Love has to be stitched into every bit of that need to change, because without the gentle mercy which it brings that change is going to be most certainly for the worse. And real love, not some kind of mouthed obligation. Love that means that we accept what these changes will mean for some. Love which opens us up, love which enables our minds and hearts to be free. Nothing short of that will give a change which is lasting and real. A love that is not soft and fluffy, but will roll up its sleeves and get the hard work done.

When i listen to newscasters and politicians thinking they sound clever talking about the economy and talking about figures and stats it makes me ill to hear them trapped in their own delusions. They have been talking like this for decades now and it has spectacularly failed them. How come they can't see and hear they are flogging a dead horse. It is time to stop disappointing everyone, collecting that meaningless paycheck and start delivering. It is simply unacceptable to keep failing ourselves and our children. It simply cannot continue.

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