Saturday, 19 October 2013

Jesus and Jesus

This week i read an amazing book. By Emile Bock, it is called The Childhood of Jesus. It is an explaination of why the two Gospels Matthew and Luke were so different and postulates some truly incredible theories - which oddly make weird sence - about the possibility of there being two Jesus, which eventually became one Jesus. It is a tradition of Western Christianity which was lost somewhere in the Middle Ages - when the deadening of spirit through cold intellectuality occured. The fruits of that deadened spirit we can see everywhere now - the Earth is not a sacred place, our bodies are not temples - we are left here in comeplete freedom to rape and pillage the Earth and each other. Limits are only imposed in the crudest sense - through death or bankruptcy. Sometimes not even that stops us.

The other reading of Christianity went underground and its manifestations were seen in the Roscrucians, the Gnostics, all those other secret sects - it sort of well became regarded as complete twaddle - wonder and awe - the sacred was excised from our everyday lives and today, when we have a sense of a world beyond - or i shold say a consciousness or spirituality beyond that which we are - it is either kept private or channelled into religion which does not enable us to be in touch with this wonder. Even nature has had the magic kicked out of it as naturalists become arrogant egotists and counting, measurement and life-taking research is the order of the day.

Feelings - the direct connection to the spiritual parts of us have all but been taken away - in fact we are lef alone to stew in our feelings - to go nowhere with them quite often.

Then along comes the possibility of marrying - making a bridge between the two - spirit and science. This is already happening through the New Physics - but so much more needs to be done. Especially in our attitude towards children and childhood - which brings me to the two Jesuses - and their respective childhoods.

It will be too much to reproduce while Emile says about the two Jesuses and go him any justice. Suffice it to say, in order to read him with any fairness some background in the anthroposiphical view of the human being - which is in this tradition of spirit and science, a reading of Escoteric Science, and a very open mind PLUS lots and lots of observation of people - is required.

I began reading it like i would read a myth - in fact he does not write it as a myth would be written - he has the very interesting task of uncovering layers and layers of what can only be described as prejudice towards the apocryha and piecing it together in a coherent narrative. As with many of these writings the writers themselves are not crackpots which think this is salvation - faith is nowhere to be found, but very careful thought and research which asks questions. There is an awareness that people by and large will find this truly weird - but the choice right now between truly weird and a dead religion, and worse still, a dead way of looking at people and life - and they choose the latter. The What Ifs abound everywhere... amongst all the What Iffery, something occured to me as i continued to read: that the child is truly the first miracle and it is absolutely critical for us to recognise this if we are to in anyway do ourselves justice.

We need to place the child in the centre of everything if we are to do this world justice. Only when we enable children to have a truly healthy, nourishing childhood - as a society in general - will we then begin to grow.

And what is a truly nourishing childhood? One of the first things i was told when i began this course by the now passed on Brien Masters was, As a teacher it is your duty to get out of the way of the destiny of the child. What did he mean by this? That it was vital we did not allow our vanity to interfere or delude our work. A child my be a gifted pianist but it may not be their wish to be a concert pianist. Or the child may be god at literacy or numecracy, but you must not then force the child into being an academic. Or perhaps a child will be slower and take its time coming to an understanding of what you teach - you do not neglect this child then. This also applies to parenthood  and societies in general. Our children come here with so much of hope and wonder and TRUST - we must not betray it by saying that they MUST do this or they SHOULD do that - we need to refrain from labelling and categorising them constantly - therefore failing not just those who cannot cut it in a system obsessed with constant testing, but also those who succeed and are given ever more pressure to continue doing so. When we do this we instill FEAR in them. What we need to be aiming for is FREEDOM.

We say a verse each morning and it goes like this:

I place myself into all existence
With certainty i walk the path of life
Love i nurse in all my being
Hope i place in all my doing and
Clarity i impress in all my thinking

It is a verse which Steiner wrote - i think that if we do not give our children this, then we have given them nothing.

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