Monday, 14 October 2013

Apocrypha Now

The Childhood of Jesus - the Unknown Years

I don't really do ill. I mean i'm happy enough to stay in bed and accept ill, but it is a foreign country for me. I end up doing this now...being in the internet which we can all concede is not really resting.

I also end up thinking about lots of different things. Currently my favourite thing to be thinking about is Maths. I spent most of last night thinking about the ten times tables and how i will teach this and then use it to teach the tens - which is the gateway to learning about decimals and percentages and the metric system - so volume and area and perimeter. You see people go, ah ten times table, they are easy, they are the first tables you should teach. I think, really, have you thought about how these building blocks all add up? The miracle of ten. How we have ten fingers and ten toes? How these define us as human beings? How stepping from ten to twenty to thirty is no mean feat for some eight year olds. How these later play into decimals when you move to the one side it gets lett and when you move to the other it gets more? Be very careful with the tens. Children must really understand the tens. Have a deep feeling for it. A good grounding in the tens.

On the numbers clock with ten on it, there is no movement - it really is like a decimal. The tens are decimals in pattern form as well. It is really amazing.

Anyway...yesterday i also picked up a book called the Childhood of Jesus. Yes some light reading. I have to declare my colours here - i am i suppose effectively an atheist, however this terminology means very little to me any longer. I most of all know that human beings are spiritual - that is we have a spiritual side to ourselves and much of the world is hellbent on making sure we do not keep in touch with it. Many religions are also included in this conspiracy to deny our spirituality.

So my reading of a book like the Childhood of Jesus is much like reading mythology, or creation myths. They are wonderful and fascinating - they point to our need to tell stories and understand ourselves, how we came to be - and therefore lift our heads from the mundane to the world above and around us. They make us better people - want to be better people. They help us to belong. They give us stories we can hang on to. Use to make sense of questions which have not yet been asked and therefore they are so interesting.

This tradition which is embedded in the Apocrypha is a fascinating one. One day i hope to be able to sit down and trace it fully. It is the one which mystics, the desert fathers and mothers, the Essene and even early Celtic Christianity would have been familiar with. It is a more inclusive version of Christianity - one which includes female priests, the Holy Spirit as Female and which also has very Bhuddist elemetns in it. In fact many people have been compelled to say, if i had known about this version of Christianity i would not have gone over to Bhuddism as i could have practised my spirituality in this context.

So far the book has looked at the geography of the Holy Land. This is also very interesting as I love seeing how geography determines who we are as people. How it shapes and defines our culture. When i read a book like this i have to question everything i have known and know. Over and over again - the mind is kept open or opened, which i suppose i love most of all when i read or discover something new.

Alright i think i should get some sleep....

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