Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bangor, Light of the World...wow

So the thing about being a Steiner teacher is the number of thing i have found out by doing so. such a rock and roll journey and the latest in the long line of unbelieveable things is the Celtic tradition of Christianity in which Bangor - yes BANGOR - was the centre of all this - Bangor and get this - Newtownards, aka known as Movilla. Then there was also Nendrum and most of Strangford - and what the heck the ENTIRE Ards peninsula, not to mention Ulster and Western Scotland and Northern England all the way to Lindisfarne AND then all the way down to Lombardy and Merovingia...and this tradition can be traced to the Essenses in Egypt - it is proper head banging stuff and i was WHAT you are kidding me...how this was linked to the original Theraputea in Alexandria and get this the original Theosphists in Greece....

These men - they seemed to be mostly men in Ireland from this time - really did get around. They got around using boats and seas and unsurprisingly - and rivers. They got around at all times of the day and night. They spent a lot of time deproving themselves of all sorts of things and enjoying it. They sang a LOT. They prayed constantly.

I learned about two St Colums - one THE Columcille and the other one Columbanus who practically 'saved' Western Christianity as he travelled all around the middle of France setting up monastries. Life wasn't easy either. He was constantly getting into all kinds of bother with monarchs and i did not know there was this Queen called Brunhilde who was the Queen of the Franks who at the age of 80 was torn limb from limb by wild horses for being a kingmaker. She seemed to be blinded by ambition and slightly insane, like Thatcher had nothing on her...but that could be just men writing history.

I realised that i knew NOTHING about this part of European history at all. I'm ok with the Renaissance onwards but like this time in Europe...man it seems like there was the Fall of Rome...the Vikings and what happened in between or slightly after - NO clue. The Black Death. Tudors and Stuarts. Yeah. Bits of the Wars of Religion and its impact on Ireland. But really - this extremely EXCEEDINGLY interesting time in Irish history and its effect on the world - nada.

Interestingly i am also doing form drawing with the kids from Rudolf Kuntzli's book and we are going to eventually work ourselves up to the forms we get in Celtic and Lombardic art - i discovered today that both were connected by Columbanus in his travels - there is no such thing as coincidence.

OK, more lesson planning to be done...

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