Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Last few days

Prepping by the poolside

Hee hee!

Botanic Gardens
After the madness of Gardens by the Bay and everything else...well there was Botanic Gardens on a Monday evening. That was bliss. there were relatively few people, it had just stopped raining and wow, it was filled with birdsong. Listening to birds in Singapore makes me think of being on a bus here. The language is familiar, but I have no idea what bird it is.

We saw kingfishers, moorhens, swifts, and about four other unidentified species. I think I will make my way to Sungei Buloh over the next few days to catch the migration season before I leave. And some sanity as well of course.

Serenity and bliss

East Coast park in the rain
I did have some sense of possibility restored to me when I visited the beach as well. We went cos it was raining and in the rain there was no one. At this point I am DESPERATE to find just a modicum of sanity. Sometimes I wonder if those who oppress others are clever enough to take away just soo much that whatever little is left is cherished so. I did not want to complain about the homeless people camped there, or the overdevelopment anymore. I just wanted to walk in the rain and enjoy the silence...

Memories of my youth
25 years ago between university and A levels I cycled to the beach everyday to run and swim. And today my sons are back at the same spots where I did this. In the emptiness and the grey rain it was impossible not to feel melancholic.

Lianne and I rented this rickshaw

Golden Mile shopping centre
This place has been turned into Little Thailand. I loved it. Completely authentic, filled with stories, filled with people. And Thai people are just sooo lovely and kind and gentle. Cultured, humble and damn, they cook good food!


I had to take the bottle of Singha beer and Guinness glass :-)
Well it is the end of the holidays. I told Lianne the next time, if there is a next time, will be like this:

1 week of a holiday somewhere not Singapore - like Vietnam for instance
2 weeks of just enjoying Singapore and catching up with friends
Volunteering for the rest of the holiday somewhere while I plan my lessons

Cos 6 weeks is too long to not have much to do here!

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