Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Summer 2013...Gallifrey


Oisin and i now agree that Singapore is actually on the planet Gallifrey. This observation was made by him when we were walking towards the AMK Hub. Why is it, he said, that everything in Singapore is so big when on the map it is so small? I said to him, i was wondering the EXACT same thing. How the heck are they stuffing all these people into one small space and really, at the end of it all they are managing to accommodate everyone?

We came to the obvious conclusion: Singapore is really Gallifrey. It has two suns and it is bigger on the land than it is on the map. I also said it is about 500 years in the future compared to Norn Iron. It's obvious, i said to Oisin. He concurred. So we can legitimately say that Oisin is half Time Lord. I am fully Time Lord. Singaporeans are Time Lords. Core Singaporeans, that is.

But more of that anon.

Giant bugs exhibit
So this is very typical of Singapore. It loves faking things and does not even realise when it is faking it. Because the authentic experience is completely lost. I am sure that Baudrillard would have a lot to say about this place if he ever found himself here. If he can make so much of deserts in Southern California, he needs to get to Singapore pronto.

We went to the Megabugs exhibition which was great. Giant models of bugs which made the boys all very delighted. Holograms, etc. However they did not have any real bugs at all. Well, American cockroaches and stick insects. This i could i found in a pet shop in Belfast. I asked the entymologist who wore a T-shirt saying, i am an emtynologist, bug me, if they had real bugs w could look at. He said, um, no not really. So, i asked, are you an entymologist. And he said, er no, i'm an engineer.

I did want to say to him this is T-shirt makes you lack integrity. In this exhibition this T-shirt means something. You cannot pretend to be an entymologist here...

But this is soo typical of Singapore. The real and the articifical have become completely lost...On Sentosa, there was an exhibition for nature saying that Sentosa which has been shot to pieces and covered over with several amusement parks was filled with wonderful habitats. I was horrified. It brought out the Earth Firster in me who wished to spray over the exhibition with a red spray can the word LIES.

Anyway,,, back to the Science Centre...
I told Oisin i would pay him $5 if he would put his face up to the roach

Puffer fish

Fire tornado

This was the fire tornado which they do everyday. This is incredible. The boys and i watched them set fire to some kerosene in a glass column and it was fantastic. It went 3 m into the air and you could see the amazing nature of fire.

I took these photos because i am reading Steiner's Festivals and the Meaning...
And i thought, these scientists and Steiner would agree with each other. I am not a scientist, but the impulse for true science is the same as the arts. A seeking for the truth using the inherent creative urge in the human being...

I think Huxley said this...not Blake, but maybe Huxley was quoting Blake
Actually this also captures another really irritating habit Singaporeans have. To give some cultural kudos to anything they loves sticking deep and meaningful quotes onto sides of buildings. It makes me feel quite ill, especially when it is out of context. I will have to take a photograph the next time i see this.

Me and Jac at the PS Cafe Palais Renaissance

Foie Gras...a slab of fat and nothing but fat

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